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More than 50 years ago in 1962, the Jonathan Cape Publishing Company in London, England, developed a series of portfolios which contained accurate reproductions of contemporary documents associated with a specific historical event (e.g.: the Jackdaw of The Magna Carta #3 provides a copy of the great charter itself, drawn up in 1215). In addition to these reproductions, each set includes 6 ‘broadsheets’ dealing with related aspects originating from academic sources.

The obvious value of these Jackdaws is to become acquainted with exact reprints of historical documents previously available in museums. Each Jackdaw title -from my personal collection- is totally complete with no sheet missing (remarkable in itself after 50 years) and is the largest collection on offer anywhere.

Please contact us for further details, as Jackdaws are an excellent source of “hands-on” teaching material. Each is $35

  • American series

American China Trade,The: Foreign Devils of Canton 1783-1843 (A22)

California Gold Rush 1849 (A3)

Children in the Middle East (A25)

Cio and the Labor Movement, The (A33)

Communes and Communitarians in America (A4)

Computers (A29) - SOLD

Coxey’s Army (A19)

Depression, The (A11) - SOLD

Early Industrialization of America, The: From Wharf to Waterfall (A32)

Immigration in Colonial Times (A10)

Indian Resistance: The Patriot Chiefs (A2)

Life in Africa (A24)

Making of the Constitution, The (A8)

Mexican-American War, The (A13)

Nat Turner’s Slave Revolt – 1831 (A1)

National Parks of the United States (A9)

New Deal, The (A15) - SOLD

New York State (A7)

Oklahoma Land Rush, The (A12)

Populism and the Election of 1896 (A17)

Presidency, The (A5)

Reconstruction (A6)

Remember the Maine! (A14)

Slavery in the United States (A30) - SOLD

State of California, The (A18)

Women in the American Revolution (A31)

Assassination of President Kennedy, The (Special)


  • World Series

American Revolution, The (No 14)

Anglo-Boer War (No 68)

Arabs, The (No 142)

Armada, The (No 5)

Battle of Agincourt, The (No 32)

Battle of Britain (No 65)

Britain at  War (No 66)

Budget, The (No 125)

Cardinal Wolsey (No 55)

Charles Dickens (No 95) - SOLD

China: a cultural heritage (No 140)

City, The (No 134)

Clipper Ships & the Cutty Sark (No 97)

Clive of India (No 52)

Columbus and the Discovery of America (No 4)

Cricket (No 101)

Crimean War, The (No 11)

Cromwell’s Commonwealth and Protectorate (No 27)

Disraeli (No 127)

Domesday Book (No 39) - SOLD

Drake and the Golden Hinde (No 132)

Dunkirk (No 130)

Early Trade Unions, The (No 35)

Easter Rising, The: Dublin 1916 (No 61)

Elizabeth I (No 53) - SOLD

Elizabeth Fry and Prison Reform (No 63)

Elizabeth ll: The Work of the Queen (No 148)

Everest (No 128)

French Revolution 1, The: The Fall of the Bastille (No 57) - SOLD

French Revolution 2, The: The Terror (No 58) - SOLD

Garibaldi and the Risorgimento (No 74)

General Strike, The (No 105)

Gladstone (No 119)

Gordon at Khartoum (No 115)

Gordon Riots, The (No 48)

Great Exhibition 1851, The (No 43)

Hampton Court (No 60)

Henry VIII and His Six Wives (No 120)

Henry VIII and the Dissolution of the Monasteries (No 25)

Indian Mutiny, The (No 22)

Joan of Arc (No 10) - SOLD

Lenin (No 113)

Lewis Carroll (No 137) - SOLD

Livingstone in Africa (No 122)

London’s Peelers and the British Police (No 88)

Magna Carta (No 3)

Man & Towns (No 80)

Marlborough (No 30)

Martin Luther (No 69)

Mary Queen of Scots (No 26)

Mayflower & the Pilgrim Fathers, The (No 8)

Merchant Adventurers, The (No 45)

Money: Denarius to Decimal (No 70)

Monmouth Rebellion & the Bloody Assizes (No 34)

Motor Industry, The (No 77)

Murder of Thomas Becket, The (No 98)

Navigation (No 107)

North Atlantic, The (No 108)

Oil (No 141)

Peasants’ Revolt, The (No 36)

Peninsula War, The (No 72)

Pepys & the Development of the British Navy (No 99)

Peterloo and Radical Reform (No 17)

Plague and Fire of London, The (No 2) - SOLD

Port of London, The (No 81)

Prince Regent, The (No 139)

Queen Victoria (No 131) - SOLD

Restoration of Charles II, The (No 29)

Retreat from Moscow, The: 1812 (No 73)

Richard III and the Princes in the Tower (No 24)

Rise of Napoleon, The (No 71) - SOLD

Rugby (No 121)

Russian Revolution, The (No 42)

Shakespeare’s Theatre (No 54) - SOLD

Shelley (No 112) - SOLD

Siege of Paris & the Commune, The (No 59) - SOLD

Sir Thomas More (No 56)

Soccer (No 104)

Spanish Inquisition, The (No 44)

Trial & Execution of Charles I, The (No 21)

Tutankhamun & The Discovery of the Tomb (No 124)

United Nations, The (No 100)

Volcanoes (No 76) - SOLD

Vote, The (No 16)

Voyages of Captain Cook, The (No 20)

Wanted: Ned Kelly (No 109)

Westminster Abbey (No 40)

Wolfe at Quebec (No 23)

Women in Revolt (No 49) - SOLD

World of Islam, The (No 143)


  • Canadian series – The entire series is sold out

1837 Mackenzie (C7)

54-40 or Fight! (C28)

Bristol & the Cabots (C9)

Building the CPR (C4)

Canada & The Civil War (C17)

Canada Votes 1791-1891 (C3)

Canadian American Relations (C34)

Cartier of St. Malo (C11)

Champlain (C23)

Confederation 1867 (C1)

Fenians, The (C21)

Great Depression, The (C13)

Laurier (C19)

Leacock (C24)

Louisbourg (C6)

Maritimes’ Age of Sail, The (C20)

Newfoundland & Confederation (C38)

North-West Passage, The (C15)

Push to the Pacific (C14)

Riel (C2)

Selkirk (C10)

Struggle for the Fourteenth Colony (C26)

Wings of Progress – The Challenge of the Measureless Skies (C36)

Winnipeg General Strike, The (C29)


  • Specials – The entire series is sold out

Darwin and Evolution (S4)

Discovery of the Galaxies, The (S2)

Faraday and Electricity (S5)

Harvey and the Circulation of the Blood (S6)

Newton and Gravitation (S1)

Children Books (Landmark & Signature Children’s Collections)

A) Random House – Landmark Collection (each is $45)

In the early 1950s, Random House publishing company issued a series of what is still considered to be the finest children books of historical events ever developed under their “LANDMARK” banner.
Vintage Video is proud to offer the largest collection for sale known to exist.
The series was divided into 2 categories:

  • Landmark World History – e.g.: The Crusades (W11)

W10        Battle of Britain, The        Reynolds

W11        Crusades, The        West

W12        Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde        Lamb

W15        Slave Who Freed Haiti, The        Scherman

W19        Captain Cook Explores the South Seas        Sperry

W20        Marie Antoinette        Kielty

W22        French Foreign Legion, The        Blassingame

W24        Hudson’s Bay Company, The - SOLD

W26        Balboa Swordsman and Conquistador        Riesenberg

W27        Leonardo da Vinci - SOLD

W28        General Brock and Niagara Falls - SOLD

W29        Catherine the Great        Scherman

W30        Fall of Constantinople, The        Kielty

W31        Ferdinand Magellan        Pond

W32        Garibaldi        Davenport

W33        Story of Albert Schweitzer, The        Daniel

W34        Marquis de Lafayette, The        Carter

W36        Exploring the Himalaya        Douglas

W37        Queen Victoria        Treatfeild

W38        Flight and Adventures of Charles ll, The        Norman

W39        Chief of the Cossacks        Lamb

W40        Adventures of Ulysses, The        Gottlieb

W43        Julius Caesar        Gunther

W44        Story of Australia, The - SOLD

W45        Captain Cortes Conquers Mexico        Johnson

W48        Story of Atomic Energy, The - SOLD

W49        Great Men of Medicine        Hume

W50        Cleopatra of Egypt        Hornblow

W52        Lawrence of Arabia        MacLean

W55        Hero of Trafalgar        Whipple

  • Landmark North American History – e.g.: Witchcraft of Salem Village (69)

1            Voyages of Christopher Columbus, The            Sperry

2            Landing of the Pilgrims, The            Daugherty

3            Pocahontas and Captain John Smith – Story of the Virginia Colony            Lawson

4            Paul Revere and the Minute Men            Fisher

5            Our Independence and the Constitution            Fisher

6            California Gold Rush, The            McNeer

7            Pony Express, The            Adams

8            Lee and Grant at Appomattox            Kantor

9            Building of The First Transcontinental Railroad, The - SOLD

10            Wright Brothers, The – Pioneers of American Aviation - SOLD

11            Prehistoric America            White

12            Vikings, The            Janeway

13            Santa Fe Trail, The            Adams

14            Story of the U.S. Marines, The            Hunt

15            Lewis & Clark Expedition            Newberger

16            Monitor and the Merrimack, The            Pratt

17            Explorations of Père Marquette, The            Kjelgaard

18            Panama Canal, The - SOLD

19            Pirate Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans, The            Tallant

20            Custer’s Last Stand            Reynolds

21            Daniel Boone Opening of the Wilderness            Brown

22            Clipper Ship Days            Jennings

23            Gettysburg            Kantor

24            Louisiana Purchase, The - SOLD

25            Wild Bill Hickok Tames the West            Holbrook

26            Betsy Ross and the Flag            Mayer

27            Conquest of the North and South Poles, The            Owen

28            Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia - SOLD

29            Trappers and Traders of the Far West            Daugherty

30            Mr. Bell Invents the Telephone - SOLD

31            Barbary Pirates, The            Forester

32            Sam Houston – The Tallest Texan            Johnson

33            Winter at Valley Forge            Mason

34            Erie Canal, The - SOLD

35            Thirty Seconds over Tokyo            Lawson

36            Thomas Jefferson – Father of Democracy            Sheean

37            Coming of the Mormons, The            Kjelgaard

38            George Washington Carver            White

39            John Paul Jones, Fighting Sailor            Sperry

40            First Overland Mail, The            Pinkerton

41            Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders            Castor

42            To California by Covered Wagon            Stewart

44            Lincoln and Douglas – The Years of Decision            Kelly

45            Robert Fulton and the Steamboat - SOLD

46            F.B.I. , The            Reynolds

47            Dolly Madison            Mayer

48            John James Audubon            Kieran

49            Hawaii Gem of the Pacific - SOLD

50            War Chief of the Seminoles            McNeer

51            Old Ironsides            Hansen

52            Mississippi Bubble, The            Costain

53            Kit Carson and the Wild Frontier            Moody

54            Robert E. Lee and the Road to Honor            Carter

55            Guadalcanal Diary            Tregakis

56            Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan            Kuhn

57            Davy Crockett            Holbrook

58            Clara Barton Founder of the American Red Cross            Boyleston

59            Story of San Francisco, The - SOLD

60            Up the Trail from Texas            Dobie

61            Abe Lincoln Log Cabin to White House - SOLD

62            Story of D-Day, The            Bliven

63            Rogers’ Rangers and the French & Indian War            Smith

64            World’s Greatest Showman, The            Bryan

65            Sequoyah – Leader of the Cherokees            Marriot

66            Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys            Brown

67            Wyatt Earp U. S Marshall            Halbrook

68            Early Days of the Automobile, The - SOLD

69            Witchcraft of Salem Village, The - SOLD

70            West Point Story, The            Reeder & Campion

71            George Washington Frontier Colonel            North

72            Texas Rangers, The            Henry

73            Buffalo Bill’s Great Wild West Show            Havighurst

74            Evangeline and the Acadians            Tallant

75            Story of the Secret Service, The            Kuhn

77            America’s First World War            Castor

78            Doctors who Conquered Yellow Fever, The            Hill

79            Remember the Alamo!            Warren

82            Story of the Paratroops, The            Weller

83            American Revolution, The            Bliven

84            Story of the Naval Academy, The            Riesenberg

85            Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr            Cruise and Crouse

86            Stonewall Jackson            Daniels

87            Battle for the Atlantic, The            Williams

88            First Transatlantic Cable, The - SOLD

89            Story of the U.S. Air Force            Loomis

90            Swamp Fox of the Revolution, The            Holbrook

92            Alaska Gold Rush, The            McNeer

93            Golden Age of Railroads, The - SOLD

94            From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa            Bliven

95            Copper Kings of Montana - SOLD

96            Great American Fighter Pilots of World War ll            Loomis

97            Story of the U.S.  Coast Guard            Rachlis

98            William Penn Quaker Hero            Dolson

99            John F. Kennedy and PT-109            Tregaskis

100            Story of Oklahoma, The            Tinkle

101            Americans into Orbit            Gurney

102            Submarines            Weller

103            Seabees of World War ll, The            Castille


B) Grosset & Dunlap – Signature Collection “Names That Made History” (each is $45)

Signature Life Stories titles: each book is a biography of a famous historical personality – e.g.: Mozart

Story of Abraham Lincoln, The             Baker

Story of Amelia Earhart, The             De Leeuw

Story of Andrew Jackson, The             Meadowcroft

Story of Benjamin Franklin, The             Meadowcroft

Story of Buffalo Bill, The             Collier

Story of Christopher Columbus, The             Baker

Story of Clara Barton, The             Price

Story of Crazy Horse, The             Meadowcroft

Story of Daniel Boone, The             Steele

Story of Davy Crockett, The             Lamonte Meadowcrest

Story of Edith Cavell, The             Vinton - SOLD

Story of Eleanor Roosevelt, The             Hickock

Story of Florence Nightingale, The             Leighton

Story of General Custer, The             Leighton

Story of George Washington Carver, The             Bontemps

Story of Good Queen Bess, The             Malkus

Story of Joan of Arc, The             Nolan

Story of John J. Audubon, The             Howard

Story of John Paul Jones, The             Vinton

Story of Kit Carson, The             Collier

Story of Lafayette, The             Wilson

Story of Leif Ericson, The             Steele

Story of Louis Pasteur, The - SOLD

Story of Mad Anthony Wayne, The             Wilson

Story of Marco Polo, The             Price

Story of Mark Twain, The             Howard

Story of Martha Washington, The             Nolan

Story of Mozart, The             Kaufmann

Story of Pocahontas, The             Graham

Story of Robert E. Lee, The             Vinton

Story of Robert Lewis Stevenson, The             Howard

Story of Stephen Decatur, The             Vinton

Story of Stephen Foster, The             Douty

Story of Theodore Roosevelt, The             Nielson

Story of Thomas Alva Edison, The - SOLD

Story of Thomas Jefferson, The             Miers

Story of Ulysses S. Grant, The             Nolan

We Were There at the Normandy Invasion             Knight

Historical & Military Books

While Vintage Video has an extensive film and history book inventory (too many to list here), we have just acquired a new series from Europe dealing with German WWII military history. Each book is hardcover (8 3/4 x 11 1/4 ), has more than 120 original colour photographs, (the majority are full page) using archival material. At present, we have the following titles in stock (prices vary):

1939 (Birthday Parade, Berlin, 20 April 1939)

Afrikakorps - Rommel's Tropical Army / Colour

Annexation of Austria 1938

Bomb Terror: Air War Over Germany

Fuehrer Headquarters Wolf's Lair

German Military Elite, The - 1939 - 1945 / Colour

Grand Admiral Karl Donitz and the German Navy

Great Military Parades of the Third Reich

Hitler's Berghof 1928 - 1945 (Daily Activities / Colour)

Hitler's Reichstag 1938 - 1945

Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves Recipients 1940 - 1945 Vol. 1

Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves Recipients 1940 - 1945 Vol. 2

Knight's Cross Recipients 1940 - 1945 Vol. 3

National Party Day 1938 "Grossdeutschland"

Reichs - Autobahn - Beauty * Nature * Technology

Russian Campaign 1941 - Assault on Moscow - From Finland to the Black Sea / Colour - Vol. 1

Russian Campaign 1942 - Deep Inside Russia - Breakthrough to Volga and Caucasus / Colour - Vol. 2

Russian Campaign 1943/45 - Turning Point in the East - From Stalingrad to East Prussia / Colour - Vol. 3

Stuka Ace Hands Ulrich Rudel