Crime / Noir / Mystery

Angels with Dirty Faces (1938, James Cagney)

Atomic City, The (1952, Gene Barry)

Body and Soul (1947, John Garfield)

Border Incident (1949, Ricardo Montalban)

Born to Kill (1947, Lawrence Tierney)

Bullet for Joey, A (1955, E.G. Robinson)

Close Call for Boston Blackie, A (1946, C. Morris)

Criminal, The (1960, Stanley Baker)

Criss Cross (1948, Burt Lancaster)

Dark City (1951, Charlton Heston)

Dead Reckoning (1952, Humphrey Bogart)

Dillinger (1945, Lawrence Tierney)

Dillinger (1973, Warren Oates)

Double Indemnity (1944, Fred MacMurray)

Dressed to Kill (1941, Lloyd Nolan)

Each Dawn I Die (1939, James Cagney)

Force of Evil (1948, John Garfield)

Glass Key, The (1942, Alan Ladd)

Grissom Gang, The (1971, Kim Darby)

Hell is a City (1959, Stanley Baker)

I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932, Paul Muni)

In a Lonely Place (1950, Humphrey Bogart)

Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951, S. Cochran)

Killing, The (1956, Sterling Hayden)

Lady Killer (1933, James Cagney)

Little Giant, The (1933, E.G. Robinson)

Midnight Lace (1960, Doris Day)

Possessed (1947, Joan Crawford)

Rear Window (1954, James Stewart)

Rope of Sand (1949, Burt Lancaster)

Scarface (1932, Paul Muni)

Set-Up, The (1949, Robert Ryan)

Spiral Staircase, The (1946, Dorothy McGuire)

St. Valentine's Day Massacre, The (1967, J. Robards)

Sunset Boulevard (1950, William Holden)

This Gun for Hire (1942, Alan Ladd)

Thunder Road (1958, Robert Mitchum)

Valachi Papers, The (1972, Charles Bronson)