This is an alphabetical list of all the "Cinema Archive" US import titles we offer. 

Includes Warner, MGM, Fox, Universal and other Vault Titles.

Cinema Archive Imports

10 Rillington Place (1970, Richard Attenborough, John Hurt)

1000 Plane Raid, The (1969, Christopher George)

12 to the Moon (1959, Tom Conway)

13 West Street (1961, Alan Ladd)

20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1933, Spencer Tracy)

23 Paces to Baker Street (1956, Van Johnson, Vera Miles)

27th Day, The (1957, Gene Barry)

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The (1961, Glenn Ford)

5 Fingers (1952, James Mason)

7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1963, Tony Randall) Horror/Sci Fi

711 Ocean Drive (1950, Edmond O'Brien)

7th Dawn, The (1964, William Holden)

99 River Street (1953, John Payne)

Abbott & Costello Meet Captain Kidd (1952, Charles Laughton)

Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940, Raymond Massey)

Above and Beyond (1952, Robert Taylor)

Above Suspicion (1943, Joan Crawford, Fred MacMurray)

Across the Wide Missouri (1951, Ricardo Montalban)

Address Unknown (1944, Paul Lukas)

Advance to the Rear (1963, Glenn Ford)

Affairs of Dobie Gillis, The (1953, Debbie Reynolds)

Against All Flags (1952, Errol Flynn)

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990)

Al Capone (1959, Rod Steiger)

All My Sons (1948, Edward G. Robinson)

Along the Great Divide (1951, Kirk Douglas)

Amazing Mrs. Holliday, The (1942, Deanna Durbin)

Ambassador, The (1985, Robert Mitchum)

Ambush (1941, Robert Taylor)

Ambush at Tomahawk Gap (1953, John Derek)

American Guerrilla in the Philippines (1950, Tyrone Power)

Anatomy of a Murder (1959, James Stewart)

Andy Hardy Film Collection, The - Vol. 1 – 6 feature films / Vol. 2 - 10 feature films

Angels Wash Their Faces (1939, Ronald Reagan)

Animal World, The (1955)

Apache Ambush (1955, Bill Williams)

Apache Territory (1958, Rory Calhoun)

Appointment in Berlin (1943, George Sanders)

April Love (1957, Pat Boone)

April Morning (1987, Tommy Lee Jones)

Arabian Nights (1942, Jon Hall)

Arizona Raiders (1965, Audie Murphy)

Assisi Underground, The (1985, Ben Cross)

At Sword's Point (1952, Cornel Wilde)

Athena (1954, Jane Powell)

Atlantis the Lost Continent (1960, Anthony Hall)

Attack of the 50ft Woman (1958, Allison Hayes)

Awakening, The (1980, Susannah York)

Babe Ruth Story, The (1948, William Bendix)

Back Street (1961, Susan Hayward)

Back to the Beach (1987, Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello)

Background to Danger (1943, George Raft)

Backlash (1956, Richard Widmark)

Bad Ronald (1974, Scott Jacoby)

Balalaika (1939, Nelson Eddy)

Ballad of Josie, The (1967, Doris Day)

Bamboo Blonde, The (1946, Frances Langford)

Bamboo Blonde, The (1946, Ralph Edwards)

Bamboo Saucer, The (1968, Dan Duryea)

Barbary Pirate (1948, Donald Woods)

Battle at Bloody Beach (1961, Audie Murphy)

Battle Circus (1953, Humphrey Bogart)

Battle of Rogue River (1954, George Montgomery)

Battle of the Coral Sea (1959, Cliff Robertson)

Battle Zone (1952, John Hodiak, Charles Bronson)

Beast with Five Fingers, The (1947, Peter Lorre)

Beat the Band (1947, Frances Langford, Gene Krupa)

Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend, The (1949, Betty Grable)

Because of Him (1946, Deanna Durbin)

Because They’re Young (1960, Dick Clark, Tuesday Weld)

Because You’re Mine (1952, Mario Lanza)

Before I hang (1940, Boris Karloff)

Beggar’s Opera, The (1953, Laurence Olivier)

Berlin Correspondent (1942, Dana Andrews)

Berlin Express (1948, Merle Oberon)

Berserk! (1967, Joan Crawford)

Best of the Badmen (1951, Robert Ryan)

Betrayed (1944, Robert Mitchum)

Betrayed (1954, Clark Gable)

Between Two Worlds (1944, John Garfield)

Bewitched (1945, Phyllis Thaxter)

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956, Dana Andrews)

Bhowani Junction (1956, Stewart Granger)

Big Boodle, The (1957, Errol Flynn)

Big Caper, The (1957, Rory Calhoun)

Big Circus, The (1959, Victor Mature)

Big City (1948, Margaret O’Brien, Betty Garett)

Big House, U.S.A. (1955, Broderick Crawford)

Big Land, The (1957, Alan Ladd)

Big Leaguer (1953, Edward G. Robinson)

Big Shot, The (1942, Humphrey Bogart)

Bill Elliott Detective Mysteries - 5 Film-collection: Dial Red “O” (1955) / Sudden Danger (1955) / Calling Homicide (1956) / Chain of Evidence (1957) / Footsteps in the Night (1957)

Billy the Kid (1930, John Mack Brown)

Billy the Kid (1941, Robert Taylor)

Billy Two Hats (1973, Gregory Peck)

Bitter Sweet (1940, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy)

Black Arrow, The (1948, Louis Hayward)

Black Book, The - a.k.a. Reign of Terror (1949, Robert Cummings)

Black Castle, The (1952, Richard Greene, Boris Karloff)

Black Cat, The (1934, Lugosi, Karloff)

Black Cat, The (1941, Basil Rathbone)

Black Dakotas, The (1954, Gary Merrill)

Black Friday (1940, Boris Karloff)

Black Hand (1950, Gene Kelly)

Black Legion (1936, Humphrey Bogart)

Black Shield of Falworth (1954, Tony Curtis)

Black Sleep, The (1956, Basil Rathbone)

Black Zoo (1963, Michael Gough)

Blackbird, The (1926 – Silent – Lon Chaney)

Blood and Steel (1959, John Lupton)

Blue Dahlia, The (1946, Alan Ladd)

Bodyguard (1948, Lawrence Tierney)

Bombardier (1943, Pat O’Brien)

Bombers B-52 (1957, Karl Malden, Natalie Wood)

Boomerang (1947, Dana Andrews)

Boris Karloff - triple feature: West of Shanghai (1937) / Invisible Menace, The (1938) / Devil's Island (1939)

Boston Blackie – A Close Call (1946, Chester Morris)

Boston Blackie – Chinese Venture (1949, Chester Morris)

Bowery Boys Collection, The - Vol.1 (4-disc set) – 12 titles / Vol. 2 (4-disc set) - 12 titles / Vol. 3 (4-disc set) - 12 titles / Vol. 4 (4-disc set) - 12 title

Boy from Oklahoma (1954, Will Rogers Jr.)

Branded (1931, Buck Jones)

Brasher Doubloon, The (1946, George Montgomery)

Brass Bancroft of the Secret Service - Mysteries collection (1939-40, 4 films - Ronald Reagan)

Brass Legend, The (1956, Hugh O’Brian)

Brass Target (1978, George Kennedy, Sophia Loren, Patrick McGoohan)

Breaking Point, The (1950, John Garfield)

Breakthrough (1950, David Brian)

Bribe, The (1948, Robert Taylor)

Bride Goes Wild, The (1948, Van Johnson)

Brigand, The (1952, Anthony Dexter)

Bright Leaf (1950, Gary Cooper, Lauren Bacall)

British Agent (1934, Leslie Howard)

Broadway Rhythm (1944, Tommy Dorsey's Band)

Broadway Serenade (1939, Jeanette MacDonald)

Broken Star, The (1956, Howard Duff)

Brothers Karamazov, The (1958, Yul Brynner)

Buccaneer's Girl (1950, Yvonne De Carlo)

Bunco Squad (1950, Robert Sterling)

Bureau of Missing Persons (1933, Bette Davis)

Burn, Witch, Burn (1962, Janet Blair)

Burning Hills, The (1956, Tab Hunter)

Bye Bye Braverman (1967, George Segal)

Cairo (1942, Jeanette MacDonald)

California (1963, Jock Mahoney)

Call of the Wild (1972, Charlton Heston)

Camp on Blood Island, The (1957, Andre Morell)

Campus Rhythm (1943, Johnny Downs)

Canterville Ghost, The (1944, Charles Laughton)

Canyon River (1956, George Montgomery)

Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl (1954, Tony Dexter, Alan Hale Jr.)

Captain Lightfoot (1955, Rock Hudson)

Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1969, Robert Ryan)

Captain Sinbad (1963, Guy Williams)

Captive City, The (1952, John Forsythe)

Carbine Williams (1952, James Stewart)

Carolina Blues (1944, Kay Kyser, Ann Miller)

Carson City (1952, Randolph Scott)

Case of the Black Parrot, The (1941, William Lundigan)

Cass Timberlane (1947, Spencer Tracy, Lana Turner)

Castilian, The (1963, Cesar Romero)

Castle on the Hudson (1940, John Garfield)

Cat and the Canary, The (1939, Bob Hope)

Cat and the Fiddle, The (1934, J. MacDonald)

Catered Affair, The (1956, Bette Davis)

Cattle Town (1952, Dennis Morgan)

Cell 2455, Death Row (1955, William Campbell)

Chain Lightning (1949, Humphrey Bogart)

Charge at Feather River, The (1953, Guy Madison)

Charge of the Lancers (1954, Paulette Goddard)

Cheyenne (1947, Dennis Morgan)

Chicago Confidential (1957, Brian Keith)

China (1943, Alan Ladd)

Chocolate Soldier, The (1941, Nelson Eddy)

Citadel, The (1938, Robert Donat)

City Beneath the Sea (1971, Stuart Whitman)

Climax, The (1944, Boris Karloff)

Clive of India (1935, Ronald Coleman)

Clown, The (1953, Red Skelton)

Coast of Skeletons (1964, Richard Todd)

Cobra Woman (1943, Maria Montez, Sabu)

Cobweb, The (1955, Richard Widmark)

Cole Younger, Gunfighter (1958, Frank Lovejoy)

Colorado Territory (1949, Joel McCrea)

Comanche Station (1959, Randolph Scott)

Comanche Territory (1950, Maureen O’Hara)

Come to the Stable (1949, Loretta Young - Christmas theme)

Command Decision (1948, Clark Gable)

Command, The (1954, Guy Madison)

Coney Island (1943, Betty Grable)

Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939, Edward G. Robinson)

Conflict (1945, Humphrey Bogart)

Conqueror, The (1955, John Wayne)

Conquest (1937, Greta Garbo, Charles Boyer)

Conquest of Cochise (1953, John Hodiak)

Conspirator (1949, Elizabeth Taylor)

Conspirators, The (1944, Paul Henreid)

Couch, The (1961, Grant Williams)

Counter-Attack (1945, Paul Muni)

Counter-Espionage (1942, Warren William)

Counterfeit Traitor, The (1961, William Holden)

Counterpoint (1968, Charlton Heston)

Creatures the World Forgot (1970, Dir. Don Chaffey)

Crest of the Wave (1954, Gene Kelly)

Crime Does Not Pay – complete shorts collection 1945-47 (50 shorts on 6 discs)

Crime School (1938, Humphrey Bogart)

Crimson Pirate, The (1952, Burt Lancaster)

Crooked Road, The (1965, Stewart Granger)

Cross of Lorraine, The (1943, Gene Kelly)

Crowd Roars, The (1932, James Cagney)

Crusades, The (1935, Henry Wilcoxon)

Cry of the City (1948, Victor Mature)

Cry Wolf (1947, Errol Flynn)

Cult of the Cobra (1955, Faith Domergue)

Curse of the Faceless Man (1958, Richard Anderson)

Cyclops, The (1957, James Craig)

D. I., The (1957, Jack Webb)

Dakotas, The - Complete TV series – (Jack Elam)

Dallas (1950, Gary Cooper)

Dames (1934, Dick Powell)

Dangerous (1935, Bette Davis)

Darby’s Rangers (1957, James Garner)

Daughters Courageous (1939, John Garfield)

David Copperfield (1935, W.C. Fields)

Davy Crockett, Indian Scout (1950, George Montgomery)

Day Lincoln Was Shot, The (1998, Rob Morrow)

Day Mars Invaded Earth, The (1962, Kent Taylor, Mary Windsor)

Dead End Kids - double feature: On Dress Parade / Hell’s Kitchen (1939)

Deadly Mantis, The (1957, Craig Stevens)

Deadly Tower, The (1975, Kurt Russell)

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Collection (Vol. 1 – 8 films & Vol. 2 - 5 films)

Death of a Centerfold – The Dorothy Stratten Story (1981, Jamie Lee Curtis)

Death of a Gunfighter (1969, Richard Widmark)

Death of a Scoundrel (1956, George Sanders)

Death Takes a Holiday (1934, Fredric March)

Decision at Sundown (1957, Randolph Scott)

Decision Before Dawn (1951, Richard Basehart)

Deep Six, The (1958, Alan Ladd)

Desert Song, The (1943, Dennis Morgan)

Desert Song, The (1953, Gordon MacRae)

Destination Gobi (1953, Richard Widmark)

Destroyer (1943, Glenn Ford)

Destructors, The (1974, Michael Caine)

Devil Makes Three, The (1952, Gene Kelly)

Devil-Ship Pirates (1963, Christopher Lee)

Devil's Doorway (1949, Robert Taylor)

Devotion (1946, Ida Lupino)

Diane (1955, Roger Moore, Lana Turner)

Die! Die! My Darling! (1965, Stephanie Powers)

Diplomatic Courier (1952, Tyrone Power)

Disembodied, The (1957, Paul Burke)

Distant Trumpet, A (1964, Troy Donahue)

Doc Savage – The Man of Bronze (1975, Ron Ely)

Doctor Blood’s Coffin (1961, Kieron Moore, Hazel Court)

Don Juan (1926 – Silent – John Barrymore)

Double Crossbones (1951, Donald O'Connor)

Down 3 Dark Streets (1954, Broderick Crawford)

Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet (1940, Edward G. Robinson)

Dragnet (1954, Jack Webb)

Dragonfly Squadron (1954, John Hodiak)

Dream Boat (1952, Clifton Webb)

Dream Wife (1953, Cary Grant)

Drum Beat (1954, Alan Ladd)

Drums Across the River (1954, Audie Murphy)

Duel on the Mississippi (1958, Lex Barker)

Easy Living (1949, Victor Mature)

Eddie Cantor Story, The (1953, Keefe Brasselle)

Edward My Son (1949, Spencer Tracy)

Eight Iron Men (1952, Lee Marvin)

Enchanted Cottage, The (1945, Robert Young)

Enemy Below, The (1957, Robert Mitchum)

Enemy of the People, An (1977, Steve McQueen)

Escort West (1959, Victor Mature)

Esther and the King (1960, Joan Collins, Richard Egan)

Every Girl Should Be Married (1948, Cary Grant)

Everybody Sing (1938, Judy Garland)

Eye of the Devil (1966, David Niven)

Face of Fire (1958, Cameron Mitchell, James Whitmore)

Falcon Mystery Movie Collection, The - Vol. 1: George Sanders, Tom Conway (7 films) / Vol. 2: Tom Conway (6 films)

Fallen Sparrow, The (1943, John Garfield)

Fastest Gun Alive (1956, Glenn Ford)

Father was a Fullback (1949, Fred MacMurray)

Fibber McGee and Molly – Double feature: Here We Go Again (1942) / Heavenly Days (1944)

Fiend Who Walked The West, The (1958, Hugh O’Brian)

Fighter Squadron (1948, Edmond O’Brien)

Firefly, The (1937, Jeanette MacDonald)

First Texan, The (1956, Joel McCrea)

First to Fight (1967, Chad Everett)

Five Graves to Cairo (1943, Franchot Tone)

Five Guns to Tombstone (1961, James Brown)

Five Man Army, The (1969, Peter Graves)

Five Star Final (1931, Edward G. Robinson)

Flame of Araby (1951, Jeff Chandler, Maureen O’Hara)

Flight Command (1940, Walter Pidgeon)

Flight from Ashiya (1964, Yul Brynner)

Follow the Boys (1963, Connie Francis)

Follow the Sun (1951, Glenn Ford)

Folsom Prison – Inside the Walls of (1951, Steve Cochran)

Footsteps in the Dark (1941, Errol Flynn)

Footsteps in the Fog (1955, Stewart Granger)

For the First Time (1959, Mario Lanza)

Force of Arms (1951, William Holden)

Foreign Correspondent (1940, Joel McCrea)

Forever Amber (1947, Cornel Wilde)

Fort Bowie (1958, Ben Johnson)

Fort Defiance (1951, Dane Clark)

Fort Dobbs (1958, Clint Walker)

Fort Massacre (1958, Joel McCrea)

Fort Vengeance (1953, James Craig)

Fort Yuma (1955, Peter Graves)

Fountainhead, The (1948, Gary Cooper)

Four Daughters (1938, John Garfield)

Four Mothers (1941, Claude Rains)

Four Wives (1939, John Garfield)

Four’s a Crowd (1938, Errol Flynn, Rosalind Russell)

Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1973, Peter Cushing

Frenchman's Creek (1944, Joan Fontaine)

Frogmen, The (1951, Richard Widmark)

From Beyond the Grave (1973, Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasence)

From Hell It Came (1957, Todd Andrews)

From Hell to Texas (1958, Don Murray)

Frontier Marshall (1939, Randolph Scott)

Frozen Dead, The (1966, Dana Andrews)

Fuller Brush Girl, The (1950, Lucille Ball)

Fuller Brush Man, The (1948, Red Skelton)

Funeral in Berlin (1966, Michael Caine)

Gallant Hours, The (1960, James Cagney)

Gambit (1966, Shirley MacLaine)

Gambler from Natchez, The (1954, D. Robertson)

Gangster, The (1947, Henry Morgan)

Gaslight (1944, Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer)

Gathering, The (1977, Ed Asner - Christmas theme)

Gazebo, The (1959, Glenn Ford)

Gene Krupa Story, The (1959, Sal Mineo)

Genghis Khan (1965, Stephen Boyd)

George Raft Story, The (1961, Jayne Mansfield)

George Washington Slept Here (1942, Jack Benny)

Geronimo (1962, Chuck Connors)

Get Carter (1971, Michael Caine)

Ghost Town (1956, Kent Taylor)

Gigot (1962, Jackie Gleason)

Girl from U.N.C.L.E., The - complete TV series - Part I & II (1966-67, Stephanie Powers)

Girl of the Golden West, The (1938, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy)

Give a Girl a Break (1953, Debbie Reynolds)

Glory Brigade, The (1953, Victor Mature)

Glory Guys, The (1965, Tom Tryon)

God Is My Co-Pilot (1945, Dennis Morgan)

Goddess, The (1957, Kim Stanley)

Gog (1954, Richard Egan)

Going Hollywood (1933, Bing Crosby)

Gold for the Caesars (1963, Jeffrey Hunter)

Gold of the Seven Saints (1961, Clint Walker)

Golden Arrow, The (1936, Bette Davis, George Brent)

Golden Blade, The (1954, Rock Hudson)

Golden Girl (1952, Mitsy Gaynor)

Golden Hawk, The (1952, Sterling Hayden, Rhonda Fleming)

Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939, Robert Donat)

Grand Central Murder (1942, Van Heflin)

Gray Ghost, The (1957-58, 15-TV episodes, Angie Dickinson)

Grayeagle (1977, Ben Johnson)

Great Caruso, The (1951, Mario Lanza)

Great Crimes and Trials of the 20th Century – Vol. 1: Gruesome California (Doc.)

Great Crimes and Trials of the 20th Century – Vol. 2: The Original Gangstas (Doc.)

Great Diamond Robbery, The (1953, Red Skelton)

Great Impostor, The (1963, Tony Curtis)

Great Waltz, The (1938, Luis Rainer)

Green Dolphin Street (1947, Lana Turner)

Green Fire (1954, Stewart Granger)

Green Light (1937, Errol Flynn)

Green Mansions (1959, Audrey Hepburn)

Green Slime, The (1968, Robert Horton)

Gun Brothers (1956, Buster Crabbe)

Gun Duel in Durango (1957, George Montgomery)

Gun Fight at Comanche Creek (1963, Audie Murphy)

Gun Glory (1957, Stewart Granger)

Gun Hawk, The (1963, Rory Calhoun)

Gun Street (1961, James Brown)

Gun that Won the West, The (1955, Dennis Morgan)

Gunfighters of Abilene (1959, Buster Crabbe)

Guns of the Timberland (1960, Alan Ladd)

Guy Named Joe, A (1944, Spencer Tracy)

Half a Hero (1953, Red Skelton)

Half-Breed, The (1952, Robert Young)

Halliday Brand, The (1957, Joseph Cotten)

Hamlet (1969, Nicol Willamson)

Hands of a Stranger (1960, James Stapleton)

Hanging Tree, The (1959, Gary Cooper, Karl Malden)

Hanover Street (1979, Harrison Ford)

Happy Land (1943, Don Ameche)

Hard Way, The (1943, Ida Lupino)

Having a Wild Weekend – The Dave Clark 5 (1965, Dir. J. Boorman)

Hawaiians, The (1970, Charlton Heston)

He Who Get Slapped (1924 – Silent – Lon Chaney)

Hell Boats (1970, James Franciscus)

Hercules, Samson and Ulysses (1964, Kirk Morris)

Here Come the Waves (1944, Bing Crosby)

Hiawatha (1952, Vincent Edwards)

High Wall (1947, Robert Taylor)

Highway 301 (1950, Steve Cochran)

Hildegarde Withers 6 film-Mystery Collection: Penguin Pool Murder (1932) / Murder on the Blackboard (1934) / Murder on a Honeymoon (1935) / Murder on a Bridle Path (1936) / The Plot Thickens (1936) / Forty Naughty Girls (1937)

Hitler (1962, Richard Basehart)

Holiday in Mexico (1946, Walter Pidgeon)

Hollywood Story (1951, Richard Conte)

Holy Matrimony (1943, Monty Woolley)

Honeymoon Machine, The (1961, Steve McQueen)

Hong Kong Confidential (1958, Gene Barry)

Honolulu (1939, Eleanor Powell)

Hope and Glory (1987, David Hayman)

Horn Blows at Midnight, The (1945, Jack Benny)

Hornets’ Nest (1970, Rock Hudson)

Horror Island (1941, Dick Foran)

Hot News (1953, Stanley Clements)

Hot Rod (1950, James Lydon)

Hotel (1967, Rod Taylor)

House Across the Bay (1940, George Raft)

House by the River (1949, Dir. Fritz Lang)

House of Horrors (1945, Robert Lowery)

House of the Long Shadows (1983, Vincent Price)

House of the Seven Gables, The (1940, George Sanders)

House on Garibaldi Street, The (1979, Nick Mancuso)

Houston Story, The (1955, Gene Barry)

How Sweet It Is! (1968, James Garner)

Huckleberry Finn - The Adventures of – (1939, Mickey Rooney)

Hudson’s Bay (1940, Paul Muni)

Human Comedy, The (1943, Mickey Rooney)

Hypnotic Eye, The (1960, Jacques Bergerac)

I Died a Thousand Times (1955, Jack Palance)

I Dood It (1943, Red Skelton)

I Escaped from the Gestapo (1943, Dean Jagger)

I Love Melvin (1953, Donald O’Connor)

I Married an Angel (1942, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy)

I Wake Up Screaming (1941, Victor Mature)

I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. (1951, Frank Lovejoy)

Incident in an Alley (1962, Chris Warfield)

Incredible Melting Man, The (1977)

Inferno (1953, Robert Ryan)

Inner Sanctum Mysteries – complete movie collection, Lon Chaney Jr. (6 films)

Intent to Kill (1958, Richard Todd)

Interlude (1968, Oskar Werner)

Interns, The (1962, Cliff Robertson)

Interrupted Melody (1955, Glenn Ford)

Intruder in the Dust (1949, David Brian)

Invisible Ray, The (1936, Lugosi, Karloff)

Invitation to the Dance (1954, Gene Kelly)

Iron Mistress (1952, Alan Ladd)

Iron Sheriff, The (1957, Sterling Hayden)

It Ain’t Hay (1943, Abbott & Costello)

It Happens Every Spring (1949, Ray Milland)

It Started with a Kiss (1959, Glenn Ford)

It's a Wonderful World (1939, James Stewart)

Italian Job, The (1969, Michael Caine)

Jack the Ripper (1988, Michael Caine)

Jeopardy - A Woman in (1953, Barbara Stanwyck)

Jet Pilot (1957, John Wayne)

Joan of Paris (1942, Michelle Morgan)

John Paul Jones (1959, Robert Stack, Bette Davis)

Johnny Allegro (1949, George Raft)

Johnny Eager (1941, Robert Taylor)

Journey for Margaret (1942, Margaret O'Brien, Robert Young)

Journey, The (1958, Yul Brynner)

Juarez (1939, Bette Davis)

Julie (1956, Doris Day)

Jungle Jim - Fury of the Congo (1951, Johnny Weissmuller)

Jungle Jim - Jungle Man-Eaters (1954, Johnny Weissmuller)

Jungle Jim - Jungle Manhunt (1951, Johnny Weissmuller)

Jungle Jim - Jungle Moon Men (1954, Johnny Weissmuller)

Jungle Jim - Pygmy Island (1950, Johnny Weissmuller)

Jungle Jim – Mark of the Gorilla (1950, Johnny Weissmuller)

Jupiter’s Darling (1955, Esther Williams)

Kay Kyser – double feature: Swing Fever (1943) / Playmates (1941)

Keep Your Powder Dry (1945, Lana Turner)

Key, The (1958, William Holden)

Kid from Left Field, The (1953, Dan Dailey)

Kidnapped (1948, Roddy McDowall)

Killdozer (1974, Clint Walker)

Killer in the Family, A (1983, Robert Mitchum)

Killer Is Loose, The (1956, Joseph Cotten)

Killer McCoy (1947, Brian Donlevy)

Kim (1950, Errol Flynn)

King of the Roaring 20s (1961, David Janssen)

King Richard and the Crusaders (1954, Rex Harrison)

King’s Thief, The (1955, Edmund Purdom, David Niven, Roger Moore)

Kirby Grant and Chinook Adventure - triple feature Vol. 1: Yukon Manhunt (1951) / Northwest Territory (1951) / Yukon Gold (1952)

Kirby Grant and Chinook Adventure - triple feature Vol. 2: The Wolf Hunters (1949) / Snow Dog (1950) / Call of the Klondike (1950)

Kirby Grant and Chinook Adventure - triple feature Vol. 3: Trail of the Yukon (1949) / Fangs of the Arctic (1953) / Northern Patrol (1953)

Kiss of Death (1947, Victor Mature)

Knights of the Round Table (1953, Robert Taylor)

Knock on Any Door (1949, Humphrey Bogart)

Lady Godiva of Coventry (1955, Maureen O'Hara)

Lady Jane (1986, Helena Bonham-Carter)

Lafayette Escadrille (1957, Tab Hunter)

Lancer Spy (1937, George Sanders)

Land Unknown, The (1957, Jock Mahoney)

Laramie (1949, Fred Sears)

Las Vegas Story, The (1952, Jayne Russell, Victor Mature)

Last Challenge, The (1967, Glenn Ford, Angie Dickinson)

Last Days of Pompeii, The – 6-hour TV mini-series (1964, E. Borgnine, O. Hussey, L. Olivier)

Last Dinosaur, The (1977, Richard Boone)

Last Gangster, The (1937, Edward G. Robinson)

Last Hunt, The (1956, Stewart Granger)

Last Mile, The (1959, Mickey Rooney)

Last Voyage, The (1960, Robert Stack)

Legends of the Super Heroes (1978, Frank Gorshin)

Lepke (1974, Tony Curtis)

Let Freedom Ring (1939, Nelson Eddy)

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971, Kevin O’Connor)

Life Begins at Eight-Thirty (1942, Monty Woolley)

Life in the Balance, A (1954, Lee Marvin)

Light in the Piazza (1961, Rossano Brazzi)

Lili (1953, Leslie Caron, Mel Ferrer)

Lineup, The (1958, Eli Wallach)

Lionheart (1987, Eric Stoltz)

List of Adrian Messenger, The (1963, George C. Scott)

Listen, Darling (1938, Judy Garland)

Little Nellie Kelly (1940, Judy Garland)

Living Ghost, The (1942, James Dunn)

Living in a Big Way (1947, Gene Kelly)

Lodger, The (1944, Laird Cregar)

Lone Star (1951, Clark Gable)

Long Haul, The (1957, Victor Mature)

Look for the Silver Lining (1949, Gordon MacRae)

Looking for Love (1964, Connie Francis)

Loophole (1954, Charles McGraw)

Lord Byron of Broadway (1929, Charles Kaley)

Lord Jim (1965, Peter O’Toole)

Lost Horizon (1972, Peter Finch)

Lost Stooges, The (Documentary)

Lovely to Look at (1952, Kathryn Grayson)

Luxury Liner (1948, George Brent)

Macabre (1958, Dir. William Castle)

Macbeth (1948, Orson Welles)

Mad About Music (1938, Deanna Durbin)

Mad Doctor of Market Street, The (1946, Lionel Atwill)

Mad Ghoul, The (1943, David Bruce)

Mad Magician, The (1954, Vincent Price)

Madam X - Double feature: 1929, R. Chatterton / 1937, G. George)

Madame Curie (1943, Greer Garson)

Magnetic Monster, The (1953, Richard Carlson)

Magnificent Yankee, The (1950, Louis Calhern)

Mail Order Bride (1964, Buddy Ebsen)

Malaya (1949, Spencer Tracy)

Man from Atlantis, The (1977, Patrick Duffy)

Man from Del Rio (1956, Anthony Quinn)

Man from U.N.C.L.E., The - complete 8-movie Collection (Robert Vaughn, David McCallum)

Man in the Net, The (1959, Alan Ladd)

Man Who Turned to Stone, The (1957, Victor Jory)

Man With a Cloak, The (1951, Joseph Cotten)

Man-Made Monster (1941, Lionel Atwill)

Manpower (1941, Edward G. Robinson)

Mara Maru (1952, Errol Flynn)

Mardi Gras (1958, Pat Boone)

Mask of Dimitrios, The (1944, Sydney Greenstreet)

Master of Ballantrae, The (1952, Errol Flynn)

Master of the World (1961, Vincent Price)

Master Race, The (1944, George Coulouris)

Mayday at 40,000 Feet! (1976, David Jansen)

Maytime (1937, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy)

McConnell Story, The (1955, Alan Ladd)

McHale’s Navy (1964, Ernest Borgnine)

Meanest Man in the World, The (1942, Jack Benny)

Men in War (1957, Vic Morrow)

Men of the Fighting Lady (1954, Van Johnson)

Merry Andrew (1957, Danny Kaye)

Merry Widow (1925 – Silent – Mae Murray)

Merry Widow, The (1934, Maurice Chevalier)

Miami Story, The (1954, Barry Sullivan)

Midsummer Night’s Dream, A (1966, Derek Godfrey)

Million Dollar Legs (1932, W.C. Fields)

Miniver Story, The (1950, Greer Garson)

Mission to Moscow (1943, Walter Huston)

Mississippi (1935, Bing Crosby)

Mississippi Gambler, The (1953, Tyrone Power)

Mister 880 (1950, Burt Lancaster)

Mister Winkle Goes to War (1944, Edward G. Robinson)

Mockery (1927 – Silent – Lon Chaney)

Mole People, The (1956, John Agar)

Mongols, The (1961, Jack Palance)

Monolith Monsters, The (1957, Grant Williams)

Monster and the Girl, The (1941, Paul Lukas)

Monster, The (1925 – Silent – Lon Chaney)

Moon is Down, The (1943, Lee J. Cobb)

Moon Zero Two (1969, James Olson)

Moonfleet (1955, Stewart Granger)

Moonlight Murder (1936, Chester Morris)

Morituri (1965, Marlon Brando)

Mortal Storm, The (1940, James Stewart)

Mosby’s Marauders (1967, Kurt Russell)

Moss Rose (1947, Victor Mature)

Mother Wore Tights (1947, Betty Grable)

Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951, Clifton Webb)

Mr. Lucky (1943, Cary Grant)

Mr. Scoutmaster (1953, Clifton Webb)

Mr. Wong Detective – complete collection, 6 films, Boris Karloff

Mr. Wu (1927 – Silent – Lon Chaney)

Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter (1968, Herman's Hermits)

Mrs. Parkington (1944, Walter Pidgeon)

Mudlark, The (1950, Alec Guinness)

Murder Is My Beat (1955, Barbara Payton)

Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932, Lugosi)

Murders in the Zoo (1933, Lionel Atwill)

Music for Millions (1945, Margaret O’Brien, June Allyson)

My Gal Sal (1942, Rita Hayworth)

My Gun Is Quick (1957, Robert Bray)

My Wild Irish Rose (1947, Dennis Morgan)

Mystery of Edwin Drood, The (1935, Claude Rains)

Mystery of the 13th Guest, The (1943, Helen Parrish)

Nancy Drew – original movie Mystery collection, 4 films, Bonita Granville

Naughty Marietta (1935, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy)

Nevadan, The (1950, Randolph Scott)

Never Say Goodbye (1946, Errol Flynn - Christmas theme)

New Moon (1940, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy)

New Orleans Uncensored (1955, Arthur Franz)

Next Voice You Hear..., The (1950, James Whitmore)

Nick Carter Mysteries – triple feature: Master Detective (1939) / Phantom Raiders / Sky Murder (1940, Walter Pidgeon)

Night and the City (1950, Richard Widmark)

Night Digger, The (1971, Patricia Neal)

Night Key (1937, Boris Karloff)

Night Monster (1942, Bela Lugosi)

Night Must Fall (1937, Robert Montgomery)

Night of the Lepus (1972, Stuart Whitman)

Night People (1954, Gregory Peck)

Night Song (1947, Dana Andrews)

Night the World Exploded! The (1957, William Leslie)

Night Unto Night (1949, Ronald Reagan)

No Blade of Grass (1970, Nigel Davenport)

No Highway in the Sky (1951, James Stewart)

Noah’s Ark (1928 – Silent – Dolores Costello)

Nob Hill (1945, George Raft)

None But the Lonely Heart (1944, Cary Grant)

Noose for a Gunman (1960, Jim Davis)

Northwest Passage (1940, Spencer Tracy)

Not As a Stranger (1955, Olivia de Havilland)

Offence, The (1972, Sean Connery)

Oklahoma Kid, The (1939, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart)

Oklahoma Territory (1959, Bill Williams)

Oklahoman, The (1957, Brad Dexter)

One Foot in Hell (1960, Alan Ladd)

One Minute to Zero (1952, Robert Mitchum)

One Mysterious Night (1944, Chester Morris)

Only the Valiant (1950, Gregory Peck)

Operation Daybreak (1975, Timothy Bottoms)

Operation Eichmann! (1961, Warner Klemperer)

Operation Heartbeat (1969, Richard Bradford)

Operation Secret (1952, Cornel Wilde)

Oregon Trail, The (1959, Fred MacMurray)

Our Dancing Daughters (1928, Joan Crawford)

Our Miss Brooks (1956, Eve Arden)

Our Modern Maidens (1929, Joan Crawford)

Our Mother's House (1967, Dirk Bogarde)

Out of the Fog (1941, Ida Lupino)

Outfit, The (1973, Robert Duvall)

Outlaw Son (1957, Dane Clark)

Outriders, The (1950, Joel McCrea)

Outside Man, The (1972, Jean-Louis Trintignant)

Painting the Clouds with Sunshine (1951, Dennis Morgan)

Pal Joey (1957, Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra)

Panama Hattie (1942, Red Skelton)

Paradise Lagoon – a.k.a. The Admirable Crichton (1957, Kenneth More)

Paris After Dark (1943, George Sanders)

Password Is Courage, The (1962, Dirk Bogarde)

Pay or Die (1986, Ernest Borgnine)

Payment on Demand (1951, Bette Davis)

Pearl – The miniseries (1978, Angie Dickinson, Robert Wagner)

Phantom Lady (1944, Franchot Tone)

Phantom Stagecoach, The (1956, William Bishop)

Pharaoh’s Curse (1957, Mark Dana)

Pilot #5 (1943, Gene Kelly, Van Johnson)

Pirates of Tripoli (1954, Paul Henreid)

Plymouth Adventure (1952, Spencer Tracy)

Powder River (1953, Rory Calhoun)

Power, The (1967, Suzanne Pleshette, George Hamilton – produced by George Pal)

Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971, Rock Hudson, Angie Dickinson)

Pride of the Marines (1945, John Garfield)

Prince and the Pauper, The (1937, Errol Flynn)

Princess of the Nile (1954, Jeffrey Hunter)

Prisoner of Zenda, The (1922 – Silent – Ramon Novarro)

Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover, The (1977, Broderick Crawford)

PT 109 (1963, Cliff Robertson)

Purple Gang, The (1959, Barry Sullivan)

Quantrill Raiders (1958, Steven Cochran)

Quatermass Xperiment, The (1955, Brian Donlevy)

Queen of Blood (1966, John Saxon)

Quentin Durward (1955, Robert Taylor)

Quick Gun, The (1964, Audie Murphy)

Quincannon, Frontier Scout (1956, Tony Martin)

Raffles – double feature: (1930, Ronald Colman) / (1940, David Niven)

Rage (1972, George C. Scott)

Raid on Rommel (1971, Richard Burton)

Raid, The (1954, Richard Boone)

Raiders from Beneath the Sea (1964)

Raiders of the Seven Seas (1951, John Payne, Donna Reed)

Rampage (1963, Robert Mitchum)

Ransom! (1955, Glenn Ford)

Raven, The (1935, Lugosi, Karloff)

Rebel in Town (1956, John Payne)

Reckless (1935, Jean Harlow)

Red Badge of Courage, The (1951, Audie Murphy)

Red Skelton, The - Whistling Collection (Ann Rutherford): Whistling in Brooklyn (1943) / Whistling in the Dark (1941) / Whistling in Dixie (1942)

Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker, The (1958, Clifton Webb)

Remember the Night (1940, Barbara Stanwyck - Christmas theme)

Remember the Night (1940, Barbara Stanwyck)

Return of Daniel Boone, The (1941, Bill Elliott)

Return of the Bad Men (1948, Randolph Scott)

Return to Warbow (1958, Phil Carey)

Rhapsody in Blue (1945, Robert Alda)

Ride a Crooked Trail (1958, Audie Murphy)

Ride Clear of Diablo (1954, Audie Murphy)

Ride Vaquero! (1953, Robert Taylor)

Rio Rita (1942, Abbott & Costello)

Ripley's Believe It or Not! - Complete Vitaphone Shorts Collection - 2 Disc Set (Documentary)

Rise and Fall of “Legs” Diamond, The (1960, Ray Danton)

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The (1968, 3-hour documentary narrated by Richard Basehart)

Roadblock (1951, Charles McGraw)

Robbers Roost (1955, George Montgomery)

Rocket Man, The (1954, Charles Coburn)

Rocky Mountain (1950, Errol Flynn)

Rolling Thunder (1977, William Devane, Tommy Lee Jones)

Room for One More (1951, Cary Grant)

Rose Marie (1936, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy)

Rose Marie (1954, Ann Blyth)

Roughly Speaking (1945, Rosalind Russell)

Run for the Sun (1956, Richard Widmark)

Running Target (1956, Arthur Franz)

Saint, The - movie collection – 5 films (George Sanders)

Salome (1953, Rita Hayworth)

San Antonio (1945, Errol Flynn)

Santiago (1956, Alan Ladd)

Saratoga Trunk (1946, Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman)

Saskatchewan (1954, Alan Ladd)

Scapegoat, The (1958, Alec Guinness)

Scaramouche (1952, Stewart Granger)

Scarlet Coat, The (1955, Cornel Wilde, George Sanders)

Scene of the Crime (1949, Van Johnson)

Secret Agent of Japan (1942, Preston Foster)

Secret Beyond the Door (1947, M. Redgrave)

Secret Garden, The (1949, Margaret O’Brien)

Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The (1947, Danny Kaye)

Secret of Monte Cristo, The (1961, Rory Calhoun)

Secret of the Blue Room (1933, Paul Lukas)

Seminole (1953, Rock Hudson)

Serenade (1954, Mario Lanza)

Sergeant York (1941, Gary Cooper)

Seven Hills of Rome (1957, Mario Lanza)

Seven Seas to Calais (1962, Rod Taylor, Keith Michell)

Seven-per-Cent Solution, The (1976, Alan Arkin)

Seventh Cross, The (1944, Spencer Tracy)

Shadow on the Window, The (1956, Phil Carey)

She (1965, Ursula Andress)

Sheepman, The (1958, Glenn Ford)

Ship Ahoy (1942, Red Skelton)

Show Boat (Original - 1936, Irene Dunne - Dir. James Whale)

Show Them No Mercy (1935, Cesar Romero)

Sierra (1950, Audie Murphy)

Sinbad the Sailor (1947, Douglad Fairbanks, Jr.)

Sincerely Yours (1955, Liberace)

Sisters, The (1938, Errol Flynn)

Sitting Pretty (1948, Clifton Webb)

Skirts Ahoy! (1952, Esther Williams)

Slattery’s Hurricane (1949, Richard Widmark)

Slave Ship (1937, George Sanders)

Slave, The – Son of Spartacus (1962, Steve Reeves)

Small Town Girl (1953, Ann Miller)

Smilin’ Through (1941, Jeanette MacDonald)

Snow Devils, The (1966, Jack Stuart)

So Well Remembered (1947, John Mills)

Sodom and Gomorrah (1962, Stewart Granger)

Soldier in the Rain (1963, Jackie Gleason)

Solid Gold Cadillac, The (1936, Judy Holliday)

Sometimes a Great Notion (1971, Paul Newman)

Son of Ali Baba (1952, Tony Curtis)

Son of Robin Hood (1958, David Hedison)

Song to Remember, A (1944, Paul Muni)

Song Without End (1960, Dirk Bogarde)

Sorcerers, The (1967, Boris Karloff)

Soul of a Monster, The (1944, Rose Hobart)

Southern Yankee, A (1948, Red Skelton)

Southside 1-1000 (1950, Don DeFore)

Southwest Passage (1954, Rod Cameron)

Spanish Main, The (1945, Maureen O’Hara, Paul Henreid)

Sphinx (1981, Lesley-Anne Down)

Split Second (1953, Steven McNally)

Springtime in the Rockies (1942, Betty Grable)

Stanley and Livingstone (1939, Spencer Tracy)

Stars in My Crown (1950, Joel McCrea)

Steel Lady, The (1953, Rod Cameron)

Steel Trap, The (1952, Joseph Cotten)

Stolen Life, A (1946, Bette Davis)

Stone Killer, The (1973, Charles Bronson)

Storm Center (1956, Bette Davis)

Storm over the Nile (1956, Laurence Harvey)

Story of Mankind, The (1957, Ronald Coleman)

Story of Three Loves, The (1953, Pier Angeli)

Strange Case of Doctor Rx (1942, Lionel Atwill)

Strange Door, The (1951, Charles Laughton, Boris Karloff)

Stranger on the Third Floor (1940, Peter Lorre)

Stranger Within, The (1974, Barbara Eden)

Stranglers of Bombay, The (1959, Guy Rolfe)

Strawberry Blonde (1941, James Cagney)

Student Prince, The (1954, Mario Lanza [voice])

Study in Terror, A (1965, John Neville)

Suez (1938, Tyrone Power)

Summer Holiday (1947, Mickey Rooney)

Summer of '42 (1971, Jennifer O'Neil)

Sun Comes Up, The (1948, Jeanette MacDonald)

Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (1944, Anne Baxter)

Sunrise (1927, George O’Brien)

Sunrise at Campobello (1960, Ralph Bellamy)

Susan and God (1940, Joan Crawford, Fredric March)

Susan Slept Here (1954, Dick Powell)

Suspense (1946, Barry Sullivan)

Swan, The (1956, Grace Kelly)

Sweet and Low-Down (1944, Benny Goodman)

Sweethearts (1938, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy)

Swing Parade of 1946 (1946, Gale Storm, the 3 Stooges)

Swordsman of Sienna (1962, Stewart Granger)

Swordsman, The (1947, Larry Parks)

System, The (1953, Frank Lovejoy)

Tales of Manhattan (1942, Charles Boyer)

Tall T, The (1957, Randolph Scott)

Tall Target, The (1951, Dick Powell)

Tanks Are Coming, The (1951, Steve Cochran)

Tarantula (1955, John Agar)

Tarawa Beachhead (1958, Kerwin Mathews)

Target Zero (1955, Richard Conte)

Tartars, The (1961, Orson Welles, Victor Mature)

Tarzan - Jock Mahoney – Tarzan Goes to India (1962)

Tarzan - Lex Barker 5-film boxed-set: Tarzan’s Magic Fountain (1948) / Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950) / Tarzan’s Peril (1951) / Tarzan’s Savage Fury (1952) / Tarzan and the She-Devil (1953)

Tarzan - Mike Henry - Tarzan and the Jungle Boy (1968)

Tarzan – Gordon Scott 6-film boxed-set: Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle (1955) / Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1956) / Tarzan and the Trappers (1958) / Tarzan's Fight for Life (1958) / Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1959) / Tarzan the Magnificent (1960)

Tarzan – Jock Mahoney - Tarzan’s Three Challenges (1963)

Tarzan – Mike Henry – Tarzan and the Great River (1967)

Tarzan – Mike Henry – Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (1965)

Task Force (1949, Gary Cooper)

Tattooed Stranger, The (1950, John Miles)

Teacher’s Pet (1957, Doris Day)

Tell It to the Marines (1926 – Silent – Lon Chaney)

Terror in the Aisles (1984, Doc.)

Terror on a Train (1952, Glenn Ford)

Test Pilot (1938, Clark Gable)

Texas Rangers Ride Again (1940, John Howard)

That Certain Age (1938, Deanna Durbin)

That Forsyte Woman (1949, Errol Flynn)

They Came to Blow Up America (1943, George Sanders)

They Died with Their Boots on (1941, Errol Flynn)

They Might Be Giants (1971, George C. Scott)

They Only Kill Their Masters (1972, James Garner)

Thing That Couldn’t Die, The (1958, William Reynolds)

This Land Is Mine (1943, Charles Laughton, Maureen O’Hara, George Sanders)

This Side of the Law (1949, Viveca Lindfors)

Thousands Cheer (1943, Kathryn Grayson)

Threat, The (1949, Charles McGraw)

Three Brave Men (1956, Ernest Borgnine)

Three Daring Daughters (1948, Jeanette MacDonald)

Three Hours to Kill (1954, Dana Andrews)

Three Smart Girls Grow Up (1939, Deanna Durbin)

Three Strangers (1946, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre)

Three Stripes in the Sun (1955, Aldo Ray)

Three Violent People (1957, Charlton Heston)

Thunder of Drums, A (1961, Richard Boone)

Tijuana Story, The (1957, Rodolfo Acosta)

Timbuktu (1958, Victor Mature)

Time out for Rhythm (1941, Ann Miller, The Three Stooges)

To Please a Lady (1950, Clark Gable)

Toast of New York, The (1938, Cary Grant)

Tobruk (1967, Rock Hudson)

Todd Killings, The (1970, Richard Thomas)

Tom, Dick and Harry (1941, Ginger Rogers)

Tomahawk Trail (1957, Chuck Connors)

Tomorrow Is Forever (1945, Orson Welles, Claudette Colbert, George Brent)

Too Much Too Soon (1957, Errol Flynn)

Top Gun (1955, Sterling Hayden)

Tormented (1960, Richard Carlson)

Torpedo Run (1958, Glenn Ford)

Tortilla Flat (1942, Spencer Tracy)

Toughest Gun in Tombstone (1958, George Montgomery)

Toward the Unknown (1956, William Holden)

Tower of London (1939, Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff)

Trail Street (1947, Randolph Scott)

Trapeze (1956, Burt Lancaster)

Traveling Executioner, The (1970, Stacy Keach)

Treasure Island (1934, Lionel Barrymore)

Treasure Island (1972, Orson Welles)

Treasure Island (1989, Charlton Heston)

Tribute to a Bad Man (1956, James Cagney)

Trog (1969, Joan Crawford)

Trooper Hook (1957, Joel McCrea)

Twenty Plus Two (1961, David Janssen)

Two for the Seesaw (1962, Robert Mitchum)

Two Girls and A Sailor (1944, Van Johnson)

Two Girls on Broadway (1940, Lana Turner)

Two Mrs. Carrolls, The (1947, Humphrey Bogart, Barbara Stanwyck)

Two on a Guillotine (1965, Cesar Romero)

Two Seconds (1932, Edward G. Robinson)

Two Sisters from Boston (1946, Kathryn Grayson)

Ulzana’s Raid (1972, Burt Lancaster)

Undercover with the KKK (1979, Don Meredith)

Underground (1969, Robert Goulet)

Undertow (1949, Scott Brady)

Underworld Story, The (1950, Dan Duryea)

Unfinished Dance, The (1947, Margaret O’Brien)

Unholy 3, The (1930 – Talkie – Lon Chaney)

Unholy Three, The (1925 – Silent – Lon Chaney)

Union Pacific (1939, Joel McCrea)

Unsinkable Molly Brown, The (1964, Debbie Reynolds)

Unsuspected, The (1947, Claude Rains)

Up in Central Park (1948, Deanna Durbin)

Vacation from Marriage (1945, Deborah Kerr)

Valley of Decision (1945, Gregory Peck)

Valley of Gwangi, The (1969, James Franciscus)

Venetian Affair, The (1966, Robert Vaughn)

Verboten! (1959, James Best)

Verdict, The (1946, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre)

Vice Raid (1959, Mamie Van Doren)

Vice Squad (1953, Edward G. Robinson)

Victory at Entebbe (1976, Helmut Berger)

Villain (1971, Richard Burton)

Virginia City (1940, Errol Flynn)

Wabash Avenue (1950, Victor Mature)

Wagons Roll at Night, The (1941, Humphrey Bogart)

Walk with Love and Death, A (1969, Angelica Huston)

War Drums (1957, Lex Barker)

War Lord, The (1966, Charlton Heston)

War of the Planets (1965, Tony Russel)

War Paint (1953, Robert Stack)

Warner Bros. Big House, The (1930) – triple feature: Big House (EN version, Chester Morris) / Big House (FR version, Charles Boyer) / El Presidio (SP version, José Crespo)

Warner Bros. Film Noir – double feature: Homicide / The House Across the Street (1949)

Warner Bros. Horror/Mystery - double features - 3 Disc-boxed-set: Find the Blackmailer ('43) / Smiling Ghost, The ('41) - Mystery House ('37) / Patient in Room 18, The ('37) - Sh! The Octopus ('37) / Hidden Hand, The ('42)

Warriors, The - a.k.a. The Dark Avenger (1955, Errol Flyn)

Watch the Birdie (1950, Red Skelton)

Week-End at the Waldorf (1945, Ginger Rogers)

West of Zanzibar (1928 – Silent – Lon Chaney)

Westbound (1959, Randolph Scott)

Western Union (1941, Robert Young)

Westward the Women (1951, Robert Taylor)

When the Boys Meet the Girls (1965, Connie Francis)

Where East Is East (1929 – Silent – Lon Chaney)

Where the Boys Are (1960, Connie Francis)

While the City Sleeps (1956, Dana Andrews)

Whiplash (1948, Dane Clark)

Whisperers, The (1967, Eric Portman)

White Buffalo, The (1977, Charles Bronson)

White Cliffs of Dover, The (1944, Irene Dunne)

White Line Fever (1975, Jan-Michael Vincent)

Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (1978, Robert Morley)

Who’$ Minding the Mint? (1966, Jim Hutton)

Wichita (1955, Joel McCrea)

Wild North, The (1952, Stewart Granger)

Wilson (1944, Alexander Knox)

Window, The (1949, Barbara Hale)

Wings of the Navy (1939, George Brent)

Winter Kill (1974, Andy Griffith)

Winter Meeting (1948, Bette Davis)

Woman on Pier 13, The (1950, Robert Ryan)

Woman on the Beach, The (1947, Joan Bennett, Robert Ryan)

Wonderful Country, The (1959, Robert Mitchum)

World of Suzie Wong, The (1960, William Holden)

Wreck of the Mary Deare, The (1959, Charlton Heston)

Wrong Box, The (1966, Peter Sellers)

X Y & Zee (1971, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine)

Year of Living Dangerously, The (1982, Mel Gibson)

Yellow Cab Man, The (1950, Red Skelton)

Yellowstone Kelly (1959, Clint Walker)

Yes, Giorgio (1982, Luciano Pavarotti)

Yesterday’s Enemy (1959, Stanley Baker)

Yolanda and the Thief (1945, Fred Astaire)

You and Me (1938, George Raft)

You Can’t Get Away with Murder (1939, Humphrey Bogart)

You Never Can Tell (1951, Dick Powell)

Young Bess (1953, Jean Simmons)

Young Tom Edison (1940, Mickey Rooney)

Young Winston (1972, Robert Shaw)

Your Cheatin’ Heart (1964, George Hamilton)

Zarak (1956, Victor Mature)

Zeppelin (1971, Michael York)