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World War I [1] -

World War II: Aviation [2] - Naval [3] - Main section [4] - Japan [5] - Third Reich & Nazi Germany [6] - Misc. Documentaries [7]


World War I  [1]

  • Feature Films [1a]

21 Brothers (2011, Steven Spencer)

Aces High (1976, Malcolm McDowell)

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930, Lew Ayres)

All Quiet on the Western Front (1978, British re-make, Ernest Borgnine)

Behind the Lines (1997, Jonathan Pryce)

Biggles (1986, Neil Dickson)

Blue Max, The (1966, George Peppard)

Dawn Patrol (1938, Errol Flynn)

Hell's Angels (1930, Jean Harlow)

Johnny Got His Gun (1971, Timothy Bottoms)

Joyeux Noël (2005, Diane Kruger)

Lafayette Escadrille (1958, Tab Hunter)

Lost Battalion, The (2001, Rick Schroeder)

Nurse Edith Cavell (1939, Anna Neagle)

Once an Eagle (1976, TV mini-series, Glenn Ford)

Paths of Glory (1957, Kirk Douglas)

Red Baron, The (2008, Matthias Schweighöfer)

Riddle of the Sands, The (1979, Michael York)

Sergeant York (1941, Gary Cooper)

Stosstrupp 1917 - a.k.a. Shock Troop (1934, Hitler's response to All Quiet on the Western Front)

Trench, The (1999, Daniel Craig)

Von Richthofen and Brown (1971, Don Stroud)

Wings (1927, Clara Bow)


World War I [1]

  • Documentaries [1b]

A War to End All Wars - Murder on the Hill/ A Soldier's Return (Doc.)

A War to End All Wars (Doc., BBC)

Great War, The (Doc., narrated by Alexander Scourby)

Last 100 Days, The (Doc., The Canadian's involvement)

War File - Kaiserschlacht 1918

World War I in colour - boxed-set (Doc., narrated by Kenneth Branagh)

World War l, The Complete Story (Doc., 3 Vols., narrated by Robert Ryan)

World War l, The Great War - boxed-set (Doc.)

Yanks Are Coming, The (1942, Henry King)


World War II – Aviation [2]

  • Feature Films [2a]

1000 Plane Raid, The (1969, Christopher George)

633 Squadron (1964, Cliff Robertson)

Above and Beyond (1952, Robert Taylor)

Air Force (1943, John Garfield)

Angels One Five (1952, Jack Hawkins)

Appointment in London (1951, Dirk Bogarde)

Battle of the V. 1 (1958, Michael Rennie)

Bombardier (1943, Randolph Scott)

Bomber Harris (1989, John Thaw)

Captains of the Clouds (1942, James Cagney)

Chain Lightning (1950, Humphrey Bogart)

Command Decision (1942, Clark Gable)

Dam Busters, The (1955, Richard Todd)

Dragonfly Squadron (1954, John Hodiak)

Fighter Squadron (1948, Edmond O'Brien)

First of the Few, The (1942, David Niven)

Flight Command (1940, Robert Taylor)

For Those We Love (2010, Japanese) Kamikaze Pilots story

Fortress (2012, Bug Hall)

God is My Co-Pilot (1945, Dennis Morgan)

Guy Named Joe, A (1944, Spencer Tracy)

Hindenburg, The (1975, George C. Scott)

Hunters, The (1958, Robert Mitchum)

Jet Pilot (1957, John Wayne)

Matter of Life and Death, A (1946, David Niven)

McConnell Story, The (1955, Alan Ladd)

Memphis Belle (1990, Matthew Modine)

Men of the Fighting Lady (1954, Van Johnson)

One of Our Aircraft is Missing (1942, Godfrey Tearle)

One That Got Away, The (1957, Hardy Kruger)

Reach for the Sky (1956, Kenneth More)

Red Tails (2012, Cuba Gooding Jr.)

Right Stuff, The (1983, Charles Frank)

Spirit of St. Louis, The (1957, James Stewart)

Test Pilot (1938, Spencer Tracy)

Thirty Seconds over Tokyo (1944, Spencer Tracy)

Tobruk (1966, Rock Hudson)

Toward the Unknown (1956, William Holden)

Twelve O'clock High (1949, Gregory Peck)

War Lover, The (1962, Steve McQueen)

Way to the Stars, The (1945, John Mills)

Wing and a Prayer (1944, Don Ameche)

Wings of the Navy (1939, George Brent)

X-15 (1962, Charles Bronson)


World War II – Aviation [2]

  • Documentaries [2b]

354th Fighter Group, The - WWII (Doc.)

A6M5 Zero (Doc.)

Air Front 2 - The Yanks are Coming '42 - '45  (Doc.)

Air Power - TV series (1956, Narrated by Walter Cronkite)

Aircraft of the Luftwaffe, The - 10-Vol. box set  (Doc.)

Army Air Forces News Reel 1939  (Doc.)

Arrow, The - feature film starring Dan Aykroyd  (Doc.)

Battle for the Skies - box set  (Doc., History of the RAF 1918-2008)

Battle of Britain, The  (Doc.)

Bombers & Bombing Raids 1942-1945  (Doc.)

CF-105 Arrow  - 6 different titles  (Doc.)

Classic Fighters  (Doc.)

Dambusters Ultimate Collection, The - box set  (Doc.)

Dambusters, The  (Doc.)

Dive Bombers & Combat Aircraft of WW2  (Doc.)

Dogfights - complete series  (Doc.)

Fighting 51st, The - Korea  (Doc.)

Flight Check Bombers - set - The How-to-Fly Series  (Doc.)

Flight Check Fighters - set - The How-to-Fly Series  (Doc.)

Fly Boys - Tuskegee Airmen  (Doc.)

Flying Fortress  (Doc.)

German Fighter Aircraft of WW2 1939-1942  (Doc.)

Giant Awakens, The  (Doc.)

Green Devils, The: German Paratrooper Elite 1933-1941  (Doc.)

Guinea Pig Club -  (Doc., Medical Treatment of Facial Burns during the Battle of Britain)

Halifax at War, The  (Doc.)

Hunters in the Sky - box set (Doc., The Aces of WWll)

Into the Wind  (Doc.)

Jets at War - box set (1950 - 2011)  (Doc.)

Lancaster at War, The  (Doc.)

ME-262  (Doc.)

Memphis Belle - Colour Documentary (1943)

Memphis Belle, The - The original B&W documentary

Mid-Air Collisions  (Doc.)

P-47 Thunderbolt  (Doc.)

Royal Airforce at War, The (Doc.), 3-DVD set)

Spitfire - The Year is 1940, The Time is Now (Doc.)

Spitfire Story, The: The Symbol of British Pride and Power in WWII (Doc.)

Stukas (Doc., IHF)

Target for Today: B-24's and B-17's in Action (Doc.)

TBM Avenger (Doc.)

Tusino - Airshows 1935-55 (Doc., IHF)

Up and Away (Doc.)

Vulcan (Doc.)

War File - Battlefield: Air War over Germany (Doc.)

War File - Daylight Bombing Raids over Europe (Doc.)

War Years, The - 1940 (Doc.)

Warbirds - Wings to Victory (Doc.)

Warbirds & More (Doc.)

Warbirds of WWll - box set (Doc.)

Wing to Wing: Normandy Squadron (Doc., IHF)

Wings over California - Legends and Stories from the State's Central Air Bases (Doc.)

WWII The War Chronicles - The Battle of Britain (Doc.)

WWII: Air War (Doc.)


World War II - Naval [3]

  • Feature Films [3a]

Above Us the Waves (1955, John Mills)

Battle of the River Plate (1956, Peter Finch)

Cockleshell Heroes (1954, Trevor Howard)

Crest of the Wave (1954, Gene Kelly)

Cruel Sea, The (1953, Jack Hawkins)

Das Boot  (1985, TV mini-series,  Jurgen Prochnow)

Deep Six, The (1958, Alan Ladd)

Destroyer (1943, Glenn Ford)

Fighting Sullivans, The (1944, Anne Baxter)

Flat Top (1952, Sterling Hayden)

Gallant Hours, The (1960, James Cagney)

Gift Horse (1952, Richard Attenborough)

Hell Boats (1970, James Franciscus)

Hellcats of the Navy (1957, Ronald Reagan)

In Which We Serve (1942, John Mills)

Midway (1976, Charlton Heston)

Morning Departure (1950, John Mills)

Murphy's War (1971, Peter O'Toole)

Pearl - The miniseries (1978, Angie Dickinson, Robert Wagner)

PT 109 (1963, Cliff Robertson)

Run Silent, Run Deep (1958, Clark Gable)

Sailor of the King (1981, Jeffrey Hunter)

San Demetrio, London (1944, Dir. Charles Frend)

Silver Fleet, The (1943, Ralph Richardson)

Sink the Bismarck (1960, Kenneth More)

Sinking of the Laconia, The (2010, TV mini-series, Brian Cox)

Task Force (1949, Gary Cooper)

Torpedo Run (1958, Glenn Ford)

Up Periscope (1959, James Garner)

We Dive at Dawn (1943, John Mills)

Yamato (2005, Japanese)

Yangtse Incident (1957, Richard Todd)


World War II - Naval [3]

  • Documentaries [3b]

Army/Navy War Magazine - box set (Doc.)

Battle of the Atlantic, The - box set (Doc.)

Battleship Scharnhorst (Doc.)

Fighting Lady in colour, The - The Yorktown Aircraft Carrier (Doc.)

Hero Ships – 4-DVD set (Doc.)

Silent Victory - set (Doc., Submarine warfare in W.W.ll)

Sinking the Supership - true story of the WWII battleship Yamato (Doc., NOVA)

U-234 Hitler's Last U-Boat (Doc.)

Victory at Sea - set (Doc.)

War File - Carrier Battles of WWII (Doc.)

War File - Carrier Warfare (Doc.)

War File - North Atlantic Battles (Doc.)

War File - U-Boat Wars (Doc.)

Western Approaches (1944, Docu-drama)


World War II - Main section [4]

  • Feature Films [4a]

13 Rue Madeleine (1947, James Cagney)

36 Hours (1964, James Garner)

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The (1961, Glenn Ford)

7th Dawn, The (1964, William Holden)

A Town Like Alice (1956, Virginia McKenna)

A Walk in the Sun (1945, Dana Andrews)

Addreess Unknown (1944, Paul Lukas)

Against the Wind (1948, Jack Warner)

American Guerrilla in the Philippines (1950, Tyrone Power)

Anzio (1968, Robert Mitchum)

Assisi Underground, The (1985, James Mason)

Back to Bataan (1945, John Wayne)

Bataan (1943, Robert Taylor)

Battle at Bloody Beach (1961, Audie Murphy)

Battle Hymn (1957, Rock Hudson)

Battle of Britain (1969, Christopher Plummer)

Battle of Stalingrad (Russian, 3½ hrs)

Battle Zone (1952, John Hodiak)

Beach Red (1967, Cornel Wilde)

Beachhead (1954, Tony Curtis)

Berlin Correspondent (1942, Dana Andrews)

Berlin Express (1948, Robert Ryan)

Blood and Steel (1959, John Lupton)

Brass Target (1978, John Cassavetes)

Bridge at Remagen, The (1969, George Segal)

Bridge over the River Kwai (1957, William Holden)

Bridge, The (1959, German)

Bridges of Toko-Ri, The (1954, William Holden)

British Agent (1934, Leslie Howard)

Bunker, The (1981, Anthony Hopkins)

Caine Mutiny, The (1954, Humphrey Bogart)

Camp on Blood Island (1957, Andre Morell)

Carve Her Name with Pride (1958, Virginia McKenna)

Catch-22 (1970, Alan Arkin)

Colditz - Escape of the Bird Man (1971, Doug McClure)

Colditz (2005, BBC, Laurence Fox)

Colditz Story, The (1955, John Mills)

Come and See (1985, Russian, EN subtitles)

Commandos Strike At Dawn (1943, Paul Muni)

Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939, Edward G. Robinson)

Counter-Attack (1945, Paul Muni)

Counter-Espionage (1942, Warren William)

Cross of Iron (1977, James Coburn)

Cross of Lorraine, The (1943, Gene Kelly)

Darby's Rangers (1958, James Garner)

Day Will Dawn, The a.k.a. The Avengers (1942, Ralph Richardson)

Decision Before Dawn (1951, Richard Basehart)

Desert Fox, The: The Story of Rommel (1951, James Mason)

Desert Rats, The (1953, Jason Mason, Richard Burton)

Devil Makes Three, The (1952, Gene Kelly)

Devil's Brigade, The (1968, William Holden)

Diplomatic Courier (1952, Tyrone Power)

Downfall (2004, Bruno Ganz)

Dunkirk (1958, John Mills)

Eagle has Landed, The (1976, Michael Caine)

Eight Iron Men (1952, Lee Marvin)

Eye of the Needle (1981, Donald Sutherland)

Fall of Berlin, The (1950, Russian, EN subtitles)

Fixed Bayonets! (1951, Richard Basehart)

Flemish Farm, The (1943, Clive Brook)

Force of Arms (1951, William Holden)

Foreman Went to France, The (1942) / Fiddlers Three (1944) (Tommy Trinder)

Fortunes of War (1987, TV mini-series, Kenneth Branagh)

Foxhole in Cairo (1960, James Robertson Justice)

Freedom Radio (1940, Clive Brook)

From Here to Eternity (1953, Burt Lancaster)

Glory Brigade, The (1953, Victor Mature)

Goose Steps Out, The (1942, Will Hay)

Great Escape, The (1963, Steve McQueen)

Great Raid, The (2005, James Franco)

Guadalcanal Diary (1943, Anthony Quinn)

Guns at Batasi (1964, Richard Attenborough)

Halls of Montezuma, The (1950, Richard Widmark)

Hanover Street (1979, Harrison Ford)

Hell Is for Heroes (1962, Steve McQueen)

Hell to Eternity (1960, Jeffrey Hunter)

Heroes of Telemark, The (1965, Kirk Douglas)

Hill, The (1965, Sean Connery)

Hitler: The Last Ten Days (1973, Alec Guinness)

Hope and Glory (1987, Sarah Miles)

Hornets' Nest (1970, Rock Hudson)

I Was Monty's Double (1958, John Mills)

Ice Cold in Alex (1958, John Mills)

Ill Met by Moonlight (1957, Dirk Bogarde)

Is Paris Burning? (1966, Charles Boyer)

Jackboot Mutiny (1950, Germany)

Joan of Paris (1942, Paul Henreid)

Journey Together (1946, Richard Attenborough)

Last Days of Patton, The (1986, George C. Scott)

Long and the Short and the Tall, The (1961, Richard Todd)

Malaya (1949, Spencer Tracy)

Malta Story, The (1953, Alec Guinness)

Man Hunt (1941, Walter Pigeon)

Man Who Never Was, The (1956, Clifton Webb)

Master Race, The (1944, Lloyd Bridges)

McKenzie Break, The (1970, Brian Keith)

Merrill's Marauders (1962, Jeff Chandler)

Millions Like Us (1943, Gordon Jackson)

Moon is Down, The (1943, Sir Cedric Hardwicke)

Mortal Storm, The (1940, James Stewart)

Mr. Winkle Goes to War (1944, Edward G. Robinson)

Next of Kin, The (1942, Mervyn Johns)

Night of the Generals (1962, Peter O'Toole)

Odessa File, The (1974, Jon Voight)

Odette (1950, Anna Neagle)

One Minute to Zero (1952, Robert Mitchum)

Operartion Secret (1952, Cornel Wilde)

Operation Crossbow (1965, George Peppard)

Operation Daybreak (1975, Timothy Bottoms)

Pacific, The (10 Parts - 6 Discs - TV mini-series)

Paris After Dark (1943, George Sanders)

Play Dirty (1968, Michael Caine)

Playing for Time (1980, Vanessa Redgrave)

Pride of the Marines (1945, John Garfield)

Purple Heart, The (1944, Dana Andrews)

Purple Plain, The (1954, Gregory Peck)

Raid on Rommel (1971, Richard Burton)

Rat Patrol, The (complete 1967-68 TV series)

Sahara (1943, Humphrey Bogart)

Saints and Soldiers (2005, Corbin Allred)

Scarlet and the Black, The (1983, Gregory Peck, Christopher Plummer)

Sea of Sand - a.k.a. Desert Patrol (1958, Richard Attenborough)

So Proudly We Hail (1943, Claudette Colbert)

Soldier of Orange (1977, Rutger Hauer)

Stalag 17 (1953, William Holden)

Stalingrad (1993, Dominique Horwitz)

Steel Bayonet (1957, Leo Genn)

Steel Lady, The (1953, Rod Cameron)

Swing Kids (1993, Kenneth Branagh)

Tanks are Coming, The (1951, Steve Cochran)

Target Zero (1955, Richard Conte)

Tenth Man, The (1988, Anthony Hopkins)

Theirs is the Glory - Men of Arnhem (1946, Doc)

They Were Not Divided (1950, Edward Underdown)

They Who Dare (1953, Dirk Bogarde)

This Land is Mine (1943, Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Hara)

Three Stripes in the Sun (1955, Aldo Ray)

To Hell and Back (1955, Audie Murphy)

Tobruk (1966, Rock Hudson)

Too Late the Hero (1970, Michael Caine)

Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970, Joseph Cotten)

Toward the Unknown (1956, William Holden)

Town Like Alice, A (1956, Virginia McKenna)

Train, The (1964, Burt Lancaster)

Tunes of Glory (1960, Alec Guinness, John Mills)

Two Thousand Women (1944, Flora Robson)

Unpublished Story (1942, Richard Greene)

Victors, The (1963, Leo Genn)

Von Ryan's Express (1965, Frank Sinatra)

Walk in the Sun, A (1943, Dana Andrews)

Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (1985, Richard Chamberlain)

Way Ahead, The (1944, David Niven)

Went the Day Well? (1942, Leslie Banks)

When Trumpets Fade (1998, Ron Eldrad)

Wild Geese, The (197, Richard Burton)

Wind Cannot Read, The (1958, Dirk Bogarde)

Winter War, The (1989, Finnish, Dir. Pekka Parikka, EN subtitles)

Wooden Horse, The (1950, Anthony Steel)

World War, The ( 4-movie set: The Sound Barrier (1952) / King & Country (1964) / Angels One Five (1952) / The Captive Heart (1946)


World War II - Main section [4]

  • Documentaries [4b]

Battle of Britain, The (Doc.)

Battle of Stalingrad, The (Doc., 1960, Russian with English Commentary)

Canada at War - V Was for Victory (Doc.)

Cinema Combat - Hollywood Goes to War (1998, Doc, Narrated by Martin Sheen)

Desert Victory - The War in North Africa (Doc.)

Going Hollywood: The War Years (Doc., Hosted by Van Johnson)

Guderian's Panzers - From Panzer I to Königstiger (Doc.)

Heroes - The Greatest War Movies Ever! (Doc.)

Hollywood Goes to War (Doc, America's entertainers mobilized in the war effort)

Lancaster Bombers - The Fascinating Story of one of the Icons of British Aviation History (Doc.)

Plot to Kill Hitler (Doc.)

Secrets of War (Doc. Narrated by Charlton Heston)

War File - Snipers - The Story of the Sniping War During WWII (Doc)

War Train - The history of the train in combat (Doc.)

World at War - box set (Narrated by Laurence Olivier)


World War II - Japan [5]

  • Feature Films [5a]

39th Battalion (2006)

Battle of the Pacific (2011)

Camp on Blood Island, The (1957)

For Those We Love (2007)

Hell to Eternity (1960)

Tarawa Beachhead (1958)

Three Stripes in the Sun (1955)

Tora!Tora!Tora! (1970)

Yamato (2005)

Yesterday's Enemy (1959, Stanley Baker)


World War II - Japan [5]

  • Documentaries [5b]

A6M5 Zero (Doc., 2000)

Babo - Japanese Airfield (Doc., 2007)

Bataan Rescue (PBS Doc., 2003)

Dogfight Over Guadalcanal (PBS Doc., 2006)

Guadalcanal - The Island of Death (Doc., 2008)

Japan's War In Colour (Doc., 2003)

Kamikaze (Doc.)

No Surrender (History Doc., 2003)

Pearl Harbor (Doc., 2 DVDs: Kamikaze / December 7, 1941)

Rise and Fall of Japan, The (Doc., 2 DVD set)

Suicide Attack (IHF Doc., 2004)

War File - Destination Okinawa (Doc., 2008)

War File - Kamikaze To Die For the Emperor (Doc., 2008)

War File - Pearl Harbor (Doc., 2008)


Third Reich / Nazi Germany [6]

  • Feature Films [6a]

5 Fingers (1952, James Mason)

Rosenstrasse (2005, Dir. Margarethe von Trotta)

Adam Resurrected (2008, Jeff Goldblum)

Axe of Wandsbek, The (1951, Erwin Geschonneck)

Battle Ground: The German Frontier (boxed set - 6 films)

Boys from Brazil, The (1978, Gregory Peck)

Bunker, The (2004, Anthony Hopkins)

Countdown to War (1989, Ian McKellen)

Counterfeiters, The - a.k.a. Die Fälscher (2007, German)

Death of Adolf Hitler, The (1973, Frank Finlay)

Diary of Anne Frank, The (1959, Millie Perkins)

DIII 88 (1939, Luftwaffe feature film, German, EN subtitles)

Eternal Jew, The (1940) - Joseph Goebbel's unequaled monument to anti-Semitism

Fall of Berlin, The (1949, Russian, EN subtitles)

Five Graves to Cairo (1943, Franchot Tone)

Gathering Storm, The (2009, Albert Finney)

Good (2008, Viggo Mortensen)

Grey Zone, The (2001, Harvey Keitel)

Hitler the Last Ten Days (1973, Alec Guinness)

Hitler the Rise of Evil (2003, Robert Carlyle)

Hitler's Children (1943, Tim Holt)

Holocaust (1978, Meryl Streep)

House on Garibaldi Street, The (1979, Nick Mancuso)

Inside the Third Reich (1982, TV mini-series, Rutger Hauer)

Is Paris Burning? (1966, Charles Boyer)

Jackboot Mutiny - a.k.a. It Happened on July 20th (1955, Bernhard Wicki)

Jud Suss (1940, Restored Goebbels' Malevolent Masterpiece - Dir. Veit Harlan, German, EN subtitles, with booklet)

Killing Hitler (2009, Peter McDonald)

Man Hunt (1941, Walter Pidgeon)

Max (2003, John Cusack)

Mein Kampf (2009, Tom Schilling)

Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story (1989, Ben Kingsley)

Murphy's War (1971, Peter O'Toole)

Nameless Eminence (2004, Russian, EN subtitles)

Night of the Generals, The (1966, Peter O'Toole)

Ogre, The (1996, John Malkovich)

Operation Eichmann! (1961, Werner Klemperer)

Operation Valkyrie (2008, Sebastian Koch)

QB VII (1974, TV min-series, Anthony Hopkins)

Soldier of Orange (1977, Rutger Hauer)

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2005, Julia Jentsch)

Star, The (2002, Russian, EN subtitles)

Third Reich, The (History Channel, 2 DVDs)

Triple Cross (1967, Christopher Plummer)

Triumph of the Will & Olympia (boxed set - The films of Leni Riefenstahl)

Wallenberg: A Heroe's Story (1985, Richard Chamberlain)

Winter War, The (1989, Finnish, EN subtitles)

Wunschkonzert (1940, Reich Ministry of Propaganda, German, EN subtitles)


Third Reich / Nazi Germany [6]

  • Documentaries [6b]

Adolf Hitler - The Black Fox (Narrated by Marlene Dietrich)

After Mein Kampf

Apocalypse Hitler

Apocalypse World War II (2-disc set)

Architecture of Doom, The

Atrocities of the Third Reich ( Vols. 1, 2, 3)

Baltic Tragedy, The

Battle for Norway 1940 Campaign (2012)

Battle for Sebastopol, The (1944, Russian, EN subtitles)

Battle of Orel, The (Russian/Kursk)

Battle of Warsaw, The

Behind Closed Doors - Stalin, Nazis and the West (BBC)

Besatzung Dora (1943, Reich Ministry of Propaganda, German, EN subtitles)

Bismarck (1940, Reich Ministry of Propaganda, German, EN subtitles)

Blitzkrieg - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Chronicle of the Third Reich

Death in the Bunker

Die Frontschau (The Frontshow - German combat footage)

Double-Headed Eagle, The - Hitler's Rise to Power

Eternal Jew, The

Fire on the Mountain (1995, story of the German 10th Mountain Division)

Forgiving Dr. Mengele

Forty Two Ways to Kill Hitler

Fuehrer Bunker, The (2007 - Vols. 1 & 2)

Gestapo - Hitler's Secret Police

Gold (1934, Reich Ministry of Propaganda, German, EN subtitles)

Great Farewell, The: Stalin's Funeral (1953)

Hans Westmar: One of Many (1933, Reich Ministry of Propaganda, German, EN subtitles)

Harlan: from the Dir. of the Eternal Jew & Jew Suess

Heinrich Himmler

Hidden Führer, The

Hitler and the Nazis - box set

Hitler in Colour

Hitler in His Own Words

Hitler the Unknown Soldier

Hitler's Bodyguard (boxed set, 4 discs, 15 hours)

Hitler's Twilight: Battle for the Fatherland (2009)

Hitler's Twilight: The Race to Berlin (2009)

Hitler's War - The War Zone

Hitlerjunge Quex (German EN subtitles)

Jew Suess (Jud Süß)

Last Secrets of the Axis of Evil, The (2008)

Mannerheim Line (1940, Russian, EN subtitles)

Mein Kampf

Narrow Escapes of World War II

Nazi Medicine

Nazi Medicine (1997) / The Cross and the Star (1992)

Nuremberg Trials, The

Olympia - volumes 1 & 2 - Leni Riefenstahl

Rape of Europa, The (Nazi Art Theft)

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The

Rise of the Nazi Party, The

Road to Berlin, The - box set

Rommel (3 Parts, by Maurice Philip Remy)

Search for Nazi Gold, The

Secret Life of Adolf Hitler, The

Secret Weapons & Spies of WWII (2012)

Spanish Civil War, The

Stukas (1941, Dir. Karl Ritter)

Television Under the Swastika (1999, German, EN subtitles + commentary)

Third Reich In Color, The (2-DVD set)

Third Reich, The - set  (BBC)

Top Secret Trial of the Third Reich, The

Triumph of the Will - Leni Riefenstahl

Unknown War, The - The Epic Battles of the Russian front, narrated by Burt Lancaster

Victory of Faith - Leni Riefenstahl

Vlasov (Russians in Hitler's Army, German, EN subtitles)

Voices from Hitler's Army - set

War File - Gestapo: Hitler's Secret Police (2002)

Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl, The (1993)


Miscellaneous Documentaries [7]

  • Pacific Theatre [7a]

Attack on Pearl Harbour - box set

Battleground - South West Pacific box set

Battleground - The Pacific Ocean box set

Campaigns in the Pacific - box set

Carrier War in the Pacific, The - box set

Epic Marine Victories in the Pacific - box set

Great Battles of W.W.ll - box set - Fury in the Pacific

Guadalcanal Island of Death - box set

Marshalls to Tokyo Bay, The (1944-1945) box set

Pearl Harbour to the Gilberts (1939-1943) box set

W.W.ll w/ Walter Cronkite - set - War on the Pacific

  • European Theatre [7b]

Attack on Fortress Europe - box set

Battle of Britain - box set

Battleground - The German Frontier box set

Battleground - Wings Over Europe box set

Guderian's Panzers set

Military Secrets and Scandals - box set

Nuremberg Trials, The

P.O.W. of the Third Reich

Panzers – 10-DVD box set

Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany, The - box set

Weapons at War - Brute Force series - box set