This page has 4 sections:

Egypt / Biblical [1] - Greece / Sparta / Troy / Rome [2]

Medieval through to World War I [3] - American History: Civil War & The Kennedy [4]


Historical (pre-WWI) & American History

  • Egypt / Biblical [1]

Ancient Egypt Anthology (History Channel)

Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Lives

Bible According to Hollywood, The

Egypt Eternal (National Geographic)

Egypt's Golden Empire

Egyptian Book of the Dead

Execution of Jesus, The (History Channel)

Life of Christ, The (5-hour, 2 DVD's)

Life of Christ: Making the Bible Come Alive!, The

Pyramid - David Macaulay

Pyramid Code, The (Kultur)

Walking the Bible (PBS)


  • Greece / Sparta / Troy / Rome [2]

Alexander and the Great Catapult (History Channel)

Ancient Rome Anthology (History Cahnnel)

First Olympics, The

In Search of the Trojan War (BBC - Michael Wood)

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great (M. Wood)

Last Stand of the 300, The (History Channel)

Leaders in Battle: Julius Caesar (Kultur)

Legions of Rome, The - box set

Real Olympics, The (PBS)

Roman Empire in the First Century, The

Roman Invasion of Britain, The - box set

Rome Rise and Fall of an Empire - box set

Siege of Masada, The

War File - Hoplite Warfare

When Rome Ruled - box set


  • Medieval through to WWI [3]

Alfred the Great

Barbarians, The - box set

Battle of Mortimer’s Cross, The: The Sun in Splendour (IHF)


Castles of War

Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales

Civil Strife (The Gunpowder Plot, The Peasants Revolt, and the Jacobite Rebellion)

Crusades, The

David Macaulay Collection (Cathedral, Pyramid, Roman City and Castle)

English Civil War, The - Brother Against Brother (Kultur)

Great Adventurers: David Livingstone (Kultur)

Great Adventurers: Robert Falcon Scott (Kultur)

Great Adventurers: Sir Walter Raleigh (Kultur)

Great Kings of England - King Henry VIII (Kultur)

Henry VllI

King Arthur

King Arthur's Britain

Knights and Armor (History Channel)

Leaders in Battle: Oliver Cromwell (Kultur)

Leaders in Battle: The Duke of Marlborough (Kultur)

Princes in the Tower

Resurrecting Richard III (PBS)

Richard III- Martyr or Monster?

Richard the Lionheart

The Tower (2-disc set on the Tower of London)

War File - Agincourt 1415 - The Triumph of the Longbow

War File - Armada 1588, The

War File - Balaclava 1854 - The Charge of the Light Brigade

War File - Battle of Bannockburn 1314, The

War File - Battle of Flodden, The

War File - Battle of Hastings 1066, The

War File - Battle of Marston Moor, The - The Scots March South

War File - Battle of Stirling Bridge, The

War File - Boer War, The

War File - Crusades, The - Knights of Christ

War File - Culloden 1746

War File - Franco-Prussian War 1870-71, The

War File - Gallic Wars, The

War File - Greek and Persian Wars, The

War File - Hannibal and the Punic Wars

War File - Kaiserschlacht 1918

War File - Napoleonic 1812 - The Road to Moscow

War File - Norman Conquests - The Harrying of the North

War File - Roman Invasions of Britain, The

War File - Spanish Civil War, The

War File - Viking Wars, The

War File - William Wallace - The True Story

War File - Zulu Conflict

Wars of the Roses, The: To Bosworth Field (Kultur)

William the Conqueror


  • American History: Civil War / The Kennedys [4]

American Civil War, The

American Civil War, The (Kultur)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, The (PBS)

Civil War Minutes - Union (2 DVD's)

Home of the Brave - Relates the true life story of Viola Liuzzo, the only white woman to be murdered in the civil rights movement of the 60's

Image of an Assassination - The Zapruder Film

JFK - A Presidency Revealed - box set

JFK - The Lost Bullet

Lost JFK Tapes, The - The Assassination

Roads to Memphis - The Assassination of Martin Luther King

Stealing Lincoln's Body (History Channel)

War File - American Civil War, The

War File - Battle of Gettysburg, The

War File - Battle of New Orleans 1815

War File - Battle of the Little Bighorn, The

War File - Confederates, The

War File - French and Indian War, The

War File - Rebel Sabres - The Battle of Brandy Station 1163